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Grease Wallet

Ducktivity provided by Alleycat66

it is a one slip wallet that i made with the grease logo on it! this was the 1st design i made and now i have many other designs.

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    just choose the logo you want thats not to complex and then print it out. put the paper on top of duct tape and cut out the logo with an x-acto knife.


  • luvcrafts:) about 55 months ago
    Thats awesome!! You should make one of Elvis... lol

  • Alleycat66 about 55 months ago
    thanks me and my friends watch grease all the time

  • Kmback25 about 55 months ago
    OMG Grease is my favorite movie!!! I love it!!! coolest wallet ever! I need one!!

  • masterofducttape;) about 55 months ago
    i love grease ur thing is so cute