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how to make a easy wallet

Ducktivity provided by thewantedducttape

it is really easy to make! and it turns out pretty cool! and, you will like it!

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  • kulopuka about 2 months ago
    Very stupendous and unique! government debt consolidation loan

  • Charlotte2430 about 16 months ago
    THAT IS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE one thing wrong no instructions

  • cheetah girl about 16 months ago
    cool my friend made a wallet

  • saintsfan about 16 months ago
    can you add directions?

  • rhellinger about 17 months ago
    That is so fricken cute!!!

  • about 17 months ago
    really good wallet i am so into duct taping but i just can,t make a wallet the right i would love if you could show me how to make it. thank you so much.

  • ducktapestar123 about 17 months ago
    sorta cool

  • mpdancer714 about 17 months ago
    How do you make this wallet? Could you put step by step instructions up?

  • Dancer706568 about 17 months ago
    can you add some directions