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ID Wallet

Ducktivity provided by Alleycat66

this is my wallet that has a see-through front so you can see your i.d. it is made out of see-through duck tape, zebra and a little pink duck tape, and a zipper.

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  • Ricky Martin fan about 25 months ago
    u shouldn't put your id in the pic

  • shaggyshea about 48 months ago
    how do u attach the zipper????

  • JREBIN about 48 months ago
    IF that is a real ID you should get info off

  • PenguinTape about 48 months ago
    i want to know how to make it able to see my id

  • johnnyo about 49 months ago
    Hey! Great I.D. wallet. How did you put a zipper in this? I am trying to make a wallet and would like to know how to go about putting a zipper in my wallet. Thanks.

  • donnawh about 49 months ago
    this is amazing. how did you get the zipper to stay in?