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Metal Mulisha Wallet

Ducktivity provided by kcope93

a wallet a buddy of mine ordered lemme know wwat u think

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  • dntnojack about 24 months ago
    @dennelau000 actually the way that he spelled it was correct because thats how the metal mulisha spells it.

  • pandangel777 about 25 months ago
    that is awesome

  • dennelau000 about 26 months ago
    you miss spelled it.... it's militia

  • Savertooth49 about 30 months ago
    Nice bro i made 1 just like it only black and has the text Metal Melisha on the inside in a diagnal line across the wallet.:D

  • cardacki about 47 months ago
    Nice wallet your very talented

  • conzombie3 about 49 months ago
    love it

  • kcope93 about 53 months ago
    no its all duct tape

  • kcope93 about 53 months ago
    @foreverirish99 no its all duct tape covered in duck brand hd clear

  • foreverirish99 about 54 months ago
    Very Cool! Is that just a sticker??