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Musician's Wallet

Ducktivity provided by pengin714

I play piano so I decided to make these two wallets with the original piano design and a musical staff. Both are bifolds with three credit card pockets and one coin pouch. The actual designs are quite difficult to cut out, so it took me a while. The piano wallet I covered with clear tape for durability.

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  • scamper500 about 22 months ago
    I love this! Its so me! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Jecusatis about 25 months ago
    So cool! This will definitely be my next project:)

  • pengin714 about 26 months ago
    Yeah let me change that. The designs actually are quite easy but at the time I had a really dull knife which made it a little more difficult.

  • Bwaggoner24 about 26 months ago
    This was actully really easy... I actully got tired of cutting out the stripes so all i did was got a ruler and and took a sharpie and drawed it. And it still looks the same.

  • cheetah girl about 26 months ago
    amazingly awesome