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Silver tape/cloth wallet

Ducktivity provided by cathymelvin

took silver, black, tweed tape(it's like the checkerboard but slanted). added some cloth..i took a new bandana and cut it to size. now..it's HUGE..will be able to put alot of $ in it..lol!made slots for cards.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Silver
  • black
  • tweed tape
  • any color cloth
  • 3 velcro dots..sticky back
  • stickers..any kind..


  • Step 1

    the inside of my new wallet..made it 9 inches long..3 strips of ducktape, silver.and black with a small same length of tweed print tape for middle. added card slots an the velcro dots.

  • Step 2

    for the back i took silver thin strips, lined the edges..folding over. add small square tape(any color) taking piece of cloth, cut to size. adding stickers to folded front. add top portion of velcro dots.