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Simple Bow Wallet

Ducktivity provided by SavannahGG2000

This is a easy duck tape wallet i made one day it has three clear card holders and and ID holder as well as a cash pocket (duh) anyways it has a cute bow on the front and thats it oh and i have instructions so you can click here if you want to learn how to make it

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Clear HD duck tape
  • Pink patterned duck tape
  • scissors
  • a credit card
  • imagination


  • Step 1

    Make a duck tape sheet by placing four 8 inch long pieces of duck tape together then placing more on the sticky side to make a duck tape sheet. Trim up the sides

  • Step 2

    fold your sheet longways tape one side then fold again to where it looks like wallet sized smooth wrinkles then tape other side

  • Step 3

    open the wallet back up take your credit card and cut a piece of duck tape a little bigger than the card longways then cut another piece about the size of the credit card put the two pieces sticky side to sticky side with the shorter one a little higher so that there is sticky on the same side on the sides and bottom then on the other side it's sticky on the top place this on your wallet where you want it the three sticky sides on the wallet make sure there's no sticky on the top that is where the credit card will go in the slot you may want to go over the sides with more tape to secure it you should have a card slot by now do as many of these as you want it will help it you put something in each slot when you finish it so you won't get confused when your making another

  • Step 4

    now make a little bow and tape to the front of your wallet your wallet should be done pat yourself on the back and show it off LOL