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the best wallets ever

Ducktivity provided by kklovessoccer

if u make it you will love it it took me 9 days 2 make all of them

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • duct tape
  • clear tape
  • crafting knife
  • cutting board


  • iluvpuppies about 27 months ago
    they look so cool, honestly! (none of MY wallets are THAT clean cut) but when will you put up the instructions???

  • duct tape mania 13 about 31 months ago
    love them :D

  • kklovessoccer about 31 months ago
    directions:D cut 4 pieces of duct tape that r 8 inches long. make a single sided sheet with 2 with the 2 pieces of tape, the sheet sld b 8 inches by 3 inches. make repeat those steps. to make a card pocket cut 2 pieces of duct tape that are 3 3/4 inches long stack them on top of each other to make a card pocket then cut a piece of tape that is 4 inches long and cut it in half the long way. then do a 1/4 inch trim. repeat these steps (card pockets) 2 more times. next make a 1/4 inch trim on your id plastic. attach your card pockets to the wallet and do the same with the id. now take ur 2nd double sided sheet of duct tape and tape it to the sheet with the pockets and the id. dont attach the top. next cut slits at the top edge of ur card pockets where the tape is. do the same with the id. finally fold your wallet and put it under something heavy so that you can press it down so it folds easier MUST DO : ENJOY YOUR WALLET fyi this takes practice so dont think ull get it right the first time :D

  • kklovessoccer about 31 months ago
    hey guys so ill make another ducktivitiy that has the instructions im not selling them now but im working on my website and biz so check 4 more crafts by me

  • laurenping about 32 months ago
    So cool i love it love the colors!!!!!

  • Puppylove14 about 32 months ago
    Hey. Shout out to all the lazy people PUT SOME DANG DIRECTIONS!!!!!M!M!!!!!!!