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TieDye Wallet

Ducktivity provided by mperial1

I cut about 10-12 strips of tie-dye duck tape that were 8 inches Long and 4-6 inches wide. I took 5-6 strips and layed them sticky-side-up. I placed the other 5-6 strips sticky-side-down on top of the others to make a fabric sheet. I then folded it long ways. Cut two strips of 2-3 inches long and tape the sides of the folded sheet together. I then made little fabric sheets that were used for the card holders. I also used a little fabric sheet to make the coin holder. Add desirable decorations.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • scissors
  • TieDye Ductape
  • Ruler


  • mperial1 about 20 months ago
    thanks second one I ever made

  • trishfirecracker about 20 months ago
    notto bad

  • mperial1 about 20 months ago
    doesnt take long to make