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Trifold Credit Card Holder

Ducktivity provided by Abby_G

There are 6 pockets. Each pocket will hold several cards. A piece of velcro keeps it closed. These were a huge hit at my craft fair I was in a week ago. I also have sold a bunch on my website www.dtabby.webs.com.

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  • toxictoosies about 31 months ago

  • quint2011 about 51 months ago
    hay how did u do that e-mail me at nintendogirl916@yahoo.com plz and teach me

  • Gymnast <3 about 51 months ago
    I am so interested in the directions can please give them out thx

  • kiwifruit16 about 56 months ago
    mikayla(: you can get colored and printed duct tape at walmart, target, hobby lobby and micheals.

  • purplerocks21 about 56 months ago
    this looks really hard glad i did not make it...

  • kiwifruit16 about 56 months ago
    For your designs on their, are they just stickers? I make duct tape things and sell them to my friends. I don't have a website LOL i wish.

  • alexmv about 57 months ago
    very handy

  • blondiewhit1 about 57 months ago
    I thought she said they are just stickers... Maybe not. :)

  • mikayla(: about 57 months ago
    I love it(: umm.......can you tell me were i can get colored duck tape?(:

  • lexiloo467 about 57 months ago
    did you cut out the designs out of duct tape???

  • beyondlyzz about 57 months ago
    WOW those are really nicely done!

  • kilij about 58 months ago
    cool this is awesome but i would love to have you post some directions. I sell wallets at school not online and think this is a very cool design!!!! if you do not want to i understand but I seriously love this

  • craftysyd about 58 months ago
    i LUV it!!!!

  • Kassidia about 58 months ago
    This is an amazing idea! Are you willing to give out directions?

  • blondiewhit1 about 58 months ago
    Hi, I noticed your "Ducktivity" was recent, and i wanted to know how long it took before the ducktivity was posted. I subbmitted mine at the beginning of this week ( I think on Sunday ) and it hasn't been posted yet. Thanks for your help. :)

  • plasticorangeroses about 58 months ago
    Those are adorable....now if only I had that many credit cards....>.< :)

  • blondiewhit1 about 58 months ago
    Sweet! How much tape does this use???? Plz give me the directions!!! :)

  • lexie_loves_you77 about 58 months ago
    these are really cool and creative! Are you willing to give out directions to make these, because im very interested! :)

  • wilyboy about 58 months ago