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womens wallet

Ducktivity provided by mrs2013bieber

go on youtube they will show you how to make that specific wallet just type duct tape women's wallet tutorial

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  • ranaenae about 20 months ago
    very cool

  • southernstyle81 about 21 months ago
    that's amazing

  • asosa314 about 21 months ago
    different typo

  • asosa314 about 21 months ago
    my daughter made a womens wallet but diffrent

  • Kaitsworld about 22 months ago

  • Quack 'n Stick about 27 months ago
    Well THAT'S a nice wallet!

  • Craftella about 27 months ago
    Too cute!!

  • faithlove112 about 27 months ago
    that is really good I make those same wallets and sell them at school and weird but at my moms work. Her friends love them

  • allybob about 27 months ago
    OMG!!!!! Can I buy that wallet if I can email me at palleybob@aol.com so we can keep in contact Ty