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Yogi Bear Wallet

Ducktivity provided by jjomally

Hi, i make duct tape wallets and this one has yogi bear on it. I mostly show my wallets on my youtube channel: www.Youtube.com/Ducttape4x4 If you like this wallet or something similar, check out my channel and subscribe! i also sell my wallets if anyone is interested

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Electric Blue duct tape
  • exacto knife
  • mud puddle brown duct tape
  • lime green
  • cutting mat
  • Sunset Yellow
  • white duct tape
  • midnighgt black duct tape
  • dark green duct tape
  • ruler


  • jtwallets about 20 months ago
    good job

  • ducktapequeen08 about 40 months ago
    how much is it i am interedsted but i dont hav a you tube so i cant subscribe. sorry hav a nice day

  • jjomally about 41 months ago
    you can e-mail me at ducttape4x4@aol.com if your interested!

  • Lilmac15 about 41 months ago
    Can I buy it of you!!!