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Anna's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck wallet

    I made a wallet using duck tape and then i decorated it by adding sequins to the edges.

  • The London wallet

    It's London duct tape with 5 card pockets and 1 I.d. Pocket. 2 hidden pockets and a bolfold

  • Moustache

    Cute and girly

  • Headband with Bows

    This cute headband is easy to make in under 30 min!

  • Duct Tape Headband

    A wearable hair headband that is cool looking and very wearable

  • Present Bow

    So this is a bow that you can put on presents for Christmas, birthdays, anything.

  • Zippered pencil pouch

    This is just a pencil case that I made for myself. The zipper is attached with staples, and besides …

  • Corsage

    I was making some prom corsages out of silk flowers and beads and decided to play around with duck t…

  • duct tape scooter!!!

    read the directions on hot to make..i

  • duct tape earrings

    its awesome earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zebra print wallet

    stylish wallet great for all ages there for sale.

  • average flower

    you may not belive this but this is one of my first few flowers ;)

  • Front Twist Wallet

    I was Bored, and used some ideas I found on other ducktivities to make this Wallet. I think It turne…

  • Rainbow Bead Bracelet

    Made this with a button, stretchy string, and over course Tape!!! Fits nicely and comfortably!


    I saw the Ducktivity online and I tried it. Pretty awesome am I right or am I right?!?!?! :)

  • Duck tape wallet

    Useful tool that keeps your money in place.

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Anna's Submitted Ducktivities

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