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Joshua's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Lepoard skin purse

    Made for mom; never uses.

  • checkered backpack

    I actually use this for school. I've gotten at least ten offers to buy it. Maybe I could make a busi…

  • Laptop style bag

    Two small latches hold closed. Shine really adds flare.

  • Multi-Subject folder

    I bought the folder and wanted to make sure it was easily identifiable so I covered it in duct tape.

  • Nerf vest

    made for a friends party. Has space for camo bag, space for boomerang on back, one 18 dart clip, and…

  • Duct tape Nef Recon hoilster

    Uses magnets to hold with space for extra clip.

  • 4 piece tux

    This was for Halloween at my school. I figured I should try something different, and finally win our…