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abbey's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape Kleenex Box Zebra

    i know its not that impressive but i loveit my mom bought me a wood kleenex cover and i covered it …

  • Ipod Nano Slip

    a little slip i made to carry my ipod around in it has a flap help by velcro and a little hole in th…

  • Super Simple Ducktape Braclets

    its really simple and not hard at all and they turn out really cute its just 3 different color strip…

  • Duck Tape Flower Rings

    i saw that other girls thought they were sooooo cute! and came up with my own! they are basicly mini…

  • Water Melon Bag

    i logged on to the site one day say the pic at the top and kinda mimiced it

  • Flower Purse

    cute purse with 3 pockets on the indside a cute duck tape flower and stripes its dark blue on the ou…

  • Bookmark

    its my zebra bookmark its based on this other girls that sells them just wanted to show her that she…

  • Rose Pen

    its 3 different colors and its sented and its huge theres over 300 pices of ducktape on it i layer t…

  • Duck Tape Messenger Bags

    100% duck tape striped messenger bags took 25-40 mins to make

  • Rainbow Flower Pens

    i made to flower pens that look like rainbows basicly they both have five colors sorry that my pictu…

  • black-duck-tape-flats

    i saw the white flats and absolutly loved them! so i made my own black ones i made a mini rose to go…

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