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Mary's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Decorative Lamp

    Light up your room with this one of a kind Duck Tape® ruffled lamp.  

  • Duck Tape® Owl Tote

    This patchwork tote is owl you need for spring and summer! Just follow these instructions and create…

  • Mustache money

    I use this as my personal wallet

  • Tri Fold Women's Wallet

    A beautiful wallet, complete with 6 pockets, extended billfold, coin pouch, and etc. Holder. A video…

  • Duck Tape® School Supply Case

    Looking for something simple and inexpensive to put your new school supplies in? Just grab a sandwic…

  • Duck Tape® Father's Day Card Holder

    Dress up your gift card for Dad this Father's Day with a personalized Duck Tape® gift card holde…

  • Duck Tape® Lunch Bag

    Make your lunches deliciously fun with this customized Mac n Cheese lunch bag.  

  • Baroque bi fold wallet

    This really awesome bi fold that I really love with the rare tape baroque

  • Accordion camera case

    Camera case and wallet in one with a ziplock coin pouch

  • Bacon-a-licious

    It is a simple wallet with the words "I (heart) bacon".

  • Duct Tape Bracelet

    This is a really easy and fun craft to make quickly! It's great for a kid's craft or birthday party…

  • zig-zag women's wallet

    For this wallet I used the hot pink and black duct tape. It has 2 bill-folds, 5 card pockets, and 1 …

  • Bow Earrings

    These adorable earrings are great for any style! Easy to make and fun to wear!

  • Fancy Top Hat

    After making many, many duck tape fedoras, I decided to try to replicate my dad's classic top hat. N…

  • Swirl Flower

    The pedals on this flower are put in a spiral shape instead of the regular flower pattern.

  • Duck Tape® Flamingo Beach Bag

    Take the new Duck Tape® print to the beach this summer! Follow these instructions and create you…

  • Piano Wallet

    Here is a duct tape wallet with a piano design

  • Smallet

    It has 4 card pockets, an ID and a billfold.

  • Peacock trifold

    This is a super cute peacock tape and it makes a great pattern to use on a wallet!

  • Lampshade

    Nerds Lammpshade

  • Duck Tape Rubik's Cube

    Duck Tape Rubik's Cube Painting

  • bridal shoes

    this is the perfect way to have one of a kind wedding shoes on your special day!! so many ways to pe…

  • Duck tape zip pouch

    This cute pouch is created with Duck tape, and closes with a zipper. It is great for pens and pencil…

  • Woven messagener bag

    It takes awhile to make, but the bag is very rewarding!

  • Duck Tape Bongo's!

    I was invited to my friends murder mystery party and... My character was a guy who played bongo's. T…

  • DuckTape I-pod Case!!!

    this is a cute i pod case that you can use that's personalized to you! its really fun and is really …

  • Fashion Purse

    It has a braided handle and a rose. There is a pocket on the inside, and two on either side of the p…

  • Dispicable Me Minion Glasses

    The goggles/glasses worn by the funny little yellow guys in the movie Dispicable me.

  • Rebel Belt!

    I wanted to make another belt and this is what it turned out to look like!

  • Duct tape mini accordion

    2 large expandables and a coin pouch

  • womens flip fold wallet

    have a one of a kind flip fold wallet you can personalize in any way you want sure fire way to make …

  • stylish duck tape keychain

    fun cute way to haul those heavy keys around all the time

  • Duck tape coffee cozy

    Since the drive thru doesn't always give me a coffee sleeve, I created this from Duck tape. It has l…

  • Duck tape pencil box

    Cute little box for pens and pencils! I started by cutting the sides and bottom from an empty cereal…

  • Duck tape Assignment book

    This little notebook cover holds a pad of paper and pencil so that you can take notes, make a to-do …

  • Duck tape notecard case

    Here's a note card case made entirely out of duct tape with a velcro closure. Use it to keep your n…

  • Duck tape notebook cover

    My notebooks always get beat up in my backpack, so I created a cover to keep them from falling apart…

  • Pineappe Pencil Holder

    This pineapple can be used as a decoration, or to hold your favorite pens and pencils. Quick and eas…

  • Duck Tape® Dry Erase Board

    Perfect for messages, reminders and more, this dry erase board is a must-have for back-to-school.

  • glow halloween costume

    glow in the dark duct tape Halloween costume

  • Woven Bifold Wallet

    this is a really cool woven wallet!! It looks kind of ombre and i absolutely love this wallet!!!!

  • little mermaid

    a friend wanted this done for his girlfriend.

  • flower pillow

    this pillow is so cool and looks so cool when you are done!!!!! Duck brand has a tutorial on how to …

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Mary's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Tri Fold Women's Wallet

    A beautiful wallet, complete with 6 pockets, extended billfold, coin pouch, and etc. Holder. A video…

  • Duct Tape Bracelet

    This is a really easy and fun craft to make quickly! It's great for a kid's craft or birthday party…

  • Duct Tape Woven Pencil Pouch

    This Awesome Woven Pencil Pouch is made out of scrap duct tape and turquoise tape. This project hol…

  • Duct Tape Rose Pen

    This awesome duct tape rose pen is a great way to show personality on your desk, in your purse, or a…

  • Woven Rainbow Wallet

    This is a pretty cool wallet. It's super easy and really fun to make.

  • Duct tape Drum Stick Pouch

    This awesome pouch is a way to show your personality while going to your drum practice.☺♥☺

  • Duct tape Dress

    This dress probably won't fit, but an adorable decoration for your room or any room. This was super…

  • Duct tape swatches

    This is a really cool way to show off your duct tape collection.☺

  • Tri-fold wallet

    This wallet is super fun and fairly easy to make. It has three card pockets, an I.D. pocket, and a …

  • Fortune Cookie Squishy

    This is very fun to make and squish.

  • Cheerleader Duct Tape Bow

    You can wear this bow!!! You could make this to show Team Spirit at your next game. A really good i…

  • Duct Tape "Paper" Football

    This fun pocket toy is easy to make. All you do is make a mini billfold and fold it a certain way. …

  • Deluxe Women's Wallet

    This Awesome wallet took me a long time but was worth it. The coin pouch is zig-zag woven. This wall…

  • Duct tape Notebook

    This is just a notebook covered in Duct tape. It's super easy and great for school.☺

  • woven pencil pouch

    this pencil pouch is completely woven and is great for school

  • Duct tape Smallet

    This is a really cool duct tape smallet that can hold dollar bills, coins with a ziplock pouch, and …

  • Duct tape braided bracelet

    This is a really fun way to show of your style and use your sense of creativity to make. These are f…

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