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Kyle 's Submitted Ducktivities

  • fourtune teller

    this is an easy Ducktivity® that i have made.

  • Awesome Two Color Bookmark

    This is a nice bookmark that fits all eight inch books! I use them every day! Its super easy!

  • Tiny Bow

    This "tiny" bow is great for newborn kids, and super cute! I made one for my friend to give to his n…

  • Duct Tape Ring Bow

    My ring bow is just what the title says- A duct tape bow on a ring that you can wear around!

  • The Pocket

    well, i wanted to make something to collect my duck tape bookmarks, so made "the Pocket". you can u…

  • Duct Tape Name Tag

    Ever lose your name tag on your desk or it got ripped off? Or is yours just plain boring? Now you c…

  • Awesome Duct Tape Tab Divider

    This is an awesome school tool, a tab divider for your binder! I made them and my friends bugged me …

  • Duct Tape Cash Holder

    From a wallet idea, I made a simple cash holder!

  • Duck Taped IPod Case

    our car was black, and so was my ipod case. ( it was a non-duct tape one.) I decided to use neon duc…

  • Duct Tape To and From Labels

    This wonderful Ducktivity® is great for Christmas presents! i ran out of them and made this wonderf…

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