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Erika's Saved Ducktivities

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Erika's Submitted Ducktivities

  • A Duck Tape Wallet

    You can create for yourself a nice and sturdy wallet.

  • Duck Tape Phone Case

    This fits an IPhone 6. It has a flap with Velcro, so that the phone cannot fall out. The seems are a…

  • Duck Tape Wallet

    This wallet has 5 card pockets, 2 hidden pockets, a billfold, and an ID. It is clear taped.

  • DucK Tape Accordian Wallet

    This is a wallet Accordian style. It has an ID and a coin pouch.

  • Duct Tape flower

    Take a straw cover in Green duct tape. Cut duct tape down so it measures equal with ends of straw. M…