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Maddie's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Duct Tape Flower Pen

    My ductivity is a flower pen! I used teal for the middle and the flower design for the petals. I dec…

  • Dill With it Pickle Wallet

    This is my first duct tape wallet. I used dill with it duct tape and teal duct tape. It has 3 pocket…

  • Pen / sharpie holder

    This is a special case that is durable pen / sharpie holder that doesnt take a long time to make. Yo…

  • Duckorate Your White board

    A simple way to decorate your white board! :)

  • Duct Tape Chain Bracelet

    1. Cut small, thin, double-sided strips of both colors/patterns of duct tape to make the chain links…

  • Dill With It Bookmark

    A fun bookmark to make! I used my absolute favorite duct tape, Dill With It, as the main duct tape a…

  • Sweet Duct Tape Clutch

    A handbag that's sweet to make and carry with you! Made of 100% duct tape, no sewing or gluing is re…

  • Summery Flower Wallet

    This is my second duct tape wallet. It came out better than my first, as it folds better and I now k…

  • Flowery Hedgehog

    I made a hedgehog out of duct tape. I didn't have brown so I used different colors and patterns inst…

  • Magnetic Duct Tape Pic. Frames

    Great for decorating your locker! It doesn't stop there though, stick it on the fridge, a whiteboard…

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