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Hunter's Saved Ducktivities

  • pink handbag

    1.take 6, 9 in.pieces of duck tape aand stick them next to eachother2.take another 6, 9in pieces and…

  • Duck Tape® Pinwheel

    Make this Duck Tape® pinwheel for a classic summer craft that's perfect for all ages!   &nb…

  • Duck Tape® Star Wreath

    Add a burst of patriotic flair to your 4th of July party with a customized Duck Tape® star …

  • Duck Tape® Flamingo Beach Bag

    Take the new Duck Tape® print to the beach this summer! Follow these instructions and create you…

  • Duck Fabric® Drawstring Bag

    Customize a drawstring bag that's perfect for every occasion with your favorite Duck Fabric®…

  • Duck Tape® Suspenders

    Give dad a gift this Father's Day that is out of this world!

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Hunter's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Duct tape wallet

    The duct tape wallet is like a regular wallet just made out of duct tape

  • Woman's wallet

    It is a very big wallet for woman but defintitly not men's wallet