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Cassidy's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Duct Tape Heart Magnet

    You can use this as a decoration or for a magnet. You can make it any size. Small,medium or large.

  • Bow

    This can be a hair bow or you can put it on a duck tape covered pen or whatever else you think of.

  • Duct Tape Heart Ring

    I was at my friends house when made this. I just decided to make a Duct Tape Heart Ring

  • Duct Tape Flower Pen

    You might be able to find how to make this on youtube

  • Rocket Ship

    I was just playing around so i decided to make this. It doesn't fly if you throw it though.

  • Money box

    how i made this was i just took a small cereal box. I put duck tape on it. i also put on a strap of …

  • doll chair

    this is just a little chair i made out of a plastic cup.

  • Doll table

    this is a table that i made out of corks and a peanut lid.

  • Flower

    this is a really cute duck tape pen you can make and put in a vase with lots more.

  • present box

    my friend gave this to me with my birthday present in it

  • Doll trash can

    this is a little harder then some stuff because you have to get the duct tape down in the duct tape …

  • Duct tape face

    this is a duct tape face that might be a little harder then beginner because of the lips