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Kevin's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Pinwheel

    Make this Duck Tape® pinwheel for a classic summer craft that's perfect for all ages!   &nb…

  • Duck Tape® Windsock

    Celebrate Memorial Day with your very own Duck Tape® decorations!

  • Duck Tape® Calla Lily

    What's better than a flower you don't have to water? Follow these steps and use your favorite Duck T…

  • Colorful Roses

    This is pretty easy rose to make. You start by cutting the wire how long you want it, add about 1/2 …

  • Duck Prism® Party Mask

    Let Duck Tape® and Duck Prism® crafting tapes help you create the ultimate disguise for part…

  • Duck Tape® Lanyard

    Going back to school and worry about losing your things? Stick with Duck Tape® and you'll never …

  • A Rounded Petal Duck Tape® Rose

    Give your roses a new look with this rounded petal Duck Tape® rose! 

  • Duck Tape® Pom Poms

    Stand out from the crowd and cheer on your favorite sports team with these Duck Tape® pom p…

  • Duck Fabric® Embellished Letter

    Creating an embellished letter is a fun and easy way to personalize your space. Here are some ways t…

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Kevin's Submitted Ducktivities

Kevin has not submitted any Ducktivities yet.