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Marris 's Saved Ducktivities

  • Messenger Bag

    My Bestie and I decided to make a plaid purse, which turned out too small to hold anything...so here…

  • Duck Tape Scents® Straw Flower

    Top off your drink with the refreshing scent of lemon with this summer inspired straw flower.

  • Duck Tape® Dry Erase Board

    Perfect for messages, reminders and more, this dry erase board is a must-have for back-to-school.

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Marris 's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Flower Pens

    Well this is probably the easiest Duct Tape thing that I have made!! They are awesome for school and…

  • Duck Tape Flower Pen

    It''s very easy to make and takes less than 15 minuets for beginners!! I really love this craft and …

  • Duck Tape Pencil Holder

    It's very easy and all you really need is your imagination and duck tape!!! Anything can happen with…

  • Duck Tape Flower Bows

    It's a very easy activity! When you are done you put Bobby Pins in the bow and then you have a custo…

  • Duck Tape Mini Accordian

    This is a fun and easy wallet that is made for all ages! And fits all card sizes with a great measur…