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Erica's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Top Hat Headband

    Top off any outfit with style! Follow these instructions and accessorize for your own special occasi…

  • Awesome Purse 2

    I made this for my friend for her birthday. she love pink zebra print so this tape is perfect! It to…

  • Messenger Bag

    My Bestie and I decided to make a plaid purse, which turned out too small to hold anything...so here…

  • Bows

    Steps:1.Get a 6 inch piece of duck tape and fold it in half hamburger.2.Fold the tape accordian styl…

  • Duck Tape® Key Link Bracelet

    Link your favorite Duck Tape® colors and prints together with this fun bracelet.

  • Duck Tape® Pet Bag Holder

    Fitting for any size leash, this Duck Tape® pet bag holder puts the fun back in functional!

  • Duck Tape® Braided Belt

    Give your look a new twist with your favorite Duck Tape® colors and prints!

  • Duck Tape® Heart Toppers

    What better way to top off your Valentine's Day celebrations than with your love of Duck Tape®.

  • Duck Tape® Travel Game Kit

    Take the fun of Duck Tape® wherever you go! Combine and create your two favorite travel games us…

  • Duck Tape® Coin Purse

    Put the fun back in funky with this new Ducklings™ mini roll printed coin purse!

  • Duck Tape® Hanging Boxes

    With just a little Duck Tape® and everyday items, you can make organization fun and easy with th…

  • Duck Prism® Party Mask

    Let Duck Tape® and Duck Prism® crafting tapes help you create the ultimate disguise for part…

  • Duck Tape® Witch's Hat

    Top off this year's costume with this unique and easy Duck Tape® witch's hat. 

  • Duck Tape® Halloween Tote

    Carry around the spirit of Halloween wherever you go with this customized Duck Tape® tote.  …

  • Duck Tape® Frankenstein Candy Dish

    Liven up any Halloween party with this Frankenstein candy dish - a decoration that glows even after …

  • Duck Tape® Lanyard

    Going back to school and worry about losing your things? Stick with Duck Tape® and you'll never …

  • Duck Tape® Core Bracelet

    Recycle your Duck Tape® into a fun and funky fashion accessory! Here's a simple way to show how …

  • Duck Tape® Heart Rose Ring

    Jazz up your outfit with a fun accessory! Just follow these steps and make a unique fashion statemen…

  • Duck Tape® Tri-fold Clutch

    This Duck Tape® tri-fold clutch has storage for all of your personal belongings. Just choos…

  • Duck Tape® Pom Poms

    Stand out from the crowd and cheer on your favorite sports team with these Duck Tape® pom p…

  • Duck Tape® School Supply Case

    Looking for something simple and inexpensive to put your new school supplies in? Just grab a sandwic…

  • Duck Tape® Calla Lily

    What's better than a flower you don't have to water? Follow these steps and use your favorite Duck T…

  • Duck Tape® Belt

    Turn a simple outfit into a trendy statement with this Duck Tape® belt. Just follow these s…

  • Duck Tape® Tablet Cover

    Cover your tablet in style by creating a case made of your favorite Duck Tape® color or design!

  • Duck Tape® Flip-Flops

    If the shoe fits, make it out of Duck Tape®! By following these simple instructions, you can mak…

  • Duck Tape® Daisy Pen

    Turn ordinary office supplies into something colorful and fun with this Duck Tape® daisy pen.

  • Duck Tape® Feather Earrings

    Create your own Duck Tape® feather earrings and make a statement that really sticks to your pers…

  • Duck Tape® Beaded Necklace

    Give everyday items a makeover with this Duck Tape® beaded necklace and no one will ever know it…

  • Duck Tape® Hair Bow

    With a wide variety of Duck Tape® prints and colors, you can make a hair bow that matches any ou…

  • Duck Tape® Baseball Cap

    Sport your very own Duck Tape® baseball cap while you root, root, root for the home team. Simply…

  • Duck Tape® Animal Print Beach Bag

    A Duck Tape® beach bag is a fun way to hold those sunny day essentials and show off your persona…

  • Duck Tape® Fabric

    Learning how to make Duck Tape® fabric is a simple way to transform your Duck Tape® into a t…

  • Duck Tape® Rose

    What’s more beautiful than a rose made of Duck Tape®? No dirt, no thorns to deal with, and…

  • Duck Tape® Egg Picture Frame

    Capture all your holiday moments this year by designing your own Duck Tape® Easter egg picture f…

  • Duck Tape® Easter Egg Flower

    Transform a bouquet of flowers into a new springtime tradition with this handmade Duck Tape® Eas…

  • Duck Tape® Megaphone

    This Duck Tape® megaphone is the perfect way to be heard from the stands. Create your own for yo…

  • Duck Tape® Flame Wallet

    A wallet isn’t just for your everyday uses - it’s a way to show off your own personal st…

  • Duck Tape® Rose Pen

    Jazz up any writing utensil with Duck Tape® rose top! Choose your favorite colors or prints to c…

  • A Rounded Petal Duck Tape® Rose

    Give your roses a new look with this rounded petal Duck Tape® rose! 

  • Duck Tape® Tailgating Flag

    Create tailgating flags with your favorite team colors or use College Duck Tape® to show your sc…

  • Duck Tape® Halloween Bat

    Need a Halloween decoration that really sticks out? Make a craft that really takes flight with this …

  • Ducktape Hatter

    I had made this costume for Halloween '11 but didn't find anywhere to submit it to for a contest, so…

  • Duck Tape Picture Frame

    I took a plain black picture frame and jazzed it up a bit with bordering it with some cool designed …

  • iPod case

    It's pretty and protects your device

  • Flip Wallet

    This flip wallet is everything you need in a wallet. A place for everything from your money, to busi…

  • Fun DT bag

    It is cute

  • water bottle holder

    great for holding your water botle anywhere you go

  • Duck Phone Bag

    Carry your cell phone in this stylish mini tote-like bag. With a cool braided strap and your own de…

  • Peace

    I had a wooden peace sign that I didn't like so I covered it in duct tape.

  • Duct Tape Braided Belt

    This Belt ends up looking awesome! Step 1: Make 8 long strips of duct tape fabric, any color or patt…

  • Mini Sparkle Rose Keychain!

    Its an adorable and fun mini rose! Pretty easy to make and worth the time :)

  • ZIpper Pouch

    Do you need something to spice up your outfit? Try this zipper pouch and it will do the job!

  • Skull Bag

    A simple bag made from the skull tape, green on the inside and braided handles. This was the second …

  • Cupcake box

    I made this cute box to put a little present in for a birthday. The inside is scrapbook paper. It wa…

  • duct tape belt

    it was fairly simple and shouldnt take that long

  • Mans Bi Fold Wallet

    Custom order I made for a mans bi fold wallet with extra card slots. Super easy and fast.

  • Eye shadow makeup pockets bag

    This bag hold you eye shadow in individual desperate pockets

  • Duck Tape Hat

    first i took my hat and made kind of a mold of the inside of it by covering it in the foil. then i c…

  • Ruffled Hand Bag

    If you were to make this, you need to be patient and have enough duct tape. It is a really cute bag!…

  • Duct Tape Zippable Purse

    I made this for my friend's birthday. It may have taken a while but it was worth it.

  • black handbag with a chain

    A simple black handbag with chrome tape on the inside. The chain is also made out of duck tape!!

  • Smiley day

    This cute purse will take time but it is so worth making. This purse is cute and fun. I hope you inj…

  • Duct Tape Chain Bracelet

    1. Cut small, thin, double-sided strips of both colors/patterns of duct tape to make the chain links…

  • money saver

    it is a small purse it is for putting money and it is save and have welcrow and i love it a lot.

  • rose earing

    it is an earing and it is fab u can make it in any colour and match it on your dress

  • Feather Pen

    It is my favorite color

  • Top hat

    you need to use cardboard for the top but not for the brim. Good luck!

  • Sparkling Coin Purse

    I took a couple of my favorite Duck Tapes and covered a plain boring see through coin pouch

  • Calla lilly

    Calla Lilly i made for a friend. Making these for valentines day

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