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Kerry's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Woven Wallet

    Even with the simplest of designs, Ducklings™ mini rolls can make a big impact. Simply weave y…

  • Duck Tape® Wall Decals

    These Duck Tape® wall decals make decorating easy and fun! Follow these instructions and cr…

  • Duck Tape® Decorative Boxes

    Let Duck Tape® create and keep your memories with customized boxes! Organize cards, photographs …

  • Duct Tape Mega-Wallet

    This Ducktivity is a wallet with a card slot, name pocket, money pocket, and a small notepad.

  • Duct tape color swatches

    Duct tape color swatches so you know what colors you have without getting out all of your tape! When…

  • woven heart

    i used to make these out of paper when i was younger, now i make them with ducktape and attach a mag…

  • Car Napkin Holder

    I made this napkin holder for your car to put in the arm rest. I always save the extras from fast fo…

  • Island Lime Wallet w Hand Threaded Button

    A wallet made entirely from Duck brand Duct Tape. It has card holders and is durable. Just a fun act…

  • R2D2

    This is R2-D2, from the Star Wars movies. It took half a roll of blue, some gray, a little black, a …

  • Ipod Touch Holder Hanger

    This iPod Touch holder / hanger is perfect for holding your iPod and hanging it wherever you want it…

  • Duck Tape® Necktie

    With a wide variety of colors and designs, a Duck Tape® necktie can be a great gift or the chanc…

  • KeyChain

    It's easy to make just take strips of Duck Tape any size any variety and simply fold them in half lo…

  • Duck Shorts

    Needed something with pink for school, and everyone knows I adore duck tape. So this was just a grea…

  • mini weaved box

    Make 10-2in strips of each color. Then 2 more of each slightly bigger, for the lid. Now take 2 of on…

  • Bow Tastic!

    A super cute and easy craft to make with duct tape. You can give it to a friend or keep it for yours…

  • Duck Tape Couch

    I got an old vinyl loveseat/couch from a thrift store and recovered it using a Duck Tape pattern. I'…

  • Easy Gift Wrapping Paper

    This Ducktivity is a simple lifesaver and timesaver and is very simple. Lets say that you have a gif…

  • Recover Old Chair

    I bought 2 old wooden chairs. I used metallic spray paint for the back and used Duct Tape to recov…


    This Birdhouse Is For People Who Just Started Doing duck Tape Crafts

  • little mermaid

    a friend wanted this done for his girlfriend.

  • Paris

    Decided to do a Paris theme on a picture frame to decorate a bedroom.

  • Coffee Table Makeover

    The table needed a makeover so we gave it one!!

  • Duck Tape® Travel Game Kit

    Take the fun of Duck Tape® wherever you go! Combine and create your two favorite travel games us…

  • bow

    cute and easy

  • Duck Tape® Mutli-Card Holder

    Keep your items secure while covering them with the fun of Gummy Bears!

  • Teal And White Bifold Wallet

    The pic is messed up but the bluish color is teal. This is the new and improved duck tape wallet. It…

  • Awesome Wallet

    I MADE THIS COOL WALLET! Hope you like it! =)

  • Tie

    It is a tie that I made for my Dad when he came back home from a long trip. All you do is trace a ti…

  • Duck Tape® 3D Heart

    Want to say something to your Valentine? Say it with Duck Tape®! 

  • Duck Tape® Sweetheart Apron

    Whether adding the finishes touches to your cookies or cards, up the sweet and shimmer this Valentin…

  • Duck Tape® Megaphone

    This Duck Tape® megaphone is the perfect way to be heard from the stands. Create your own for yo…

  • Woven Duck Tape Wallet

    It is rainbow & black woven Duck Tape wallet. It also has pockets for cards and ID.

  • Duck Tape® Heart Toppers

    What better way to top off your Valentine's Day celebrations than with your love of Duck Tape®.

  • duct tape dress

    shows a GREAT sense of fashion!

  • Minnie Mouse Bag

    A Minnie Mouse duck tape bag with ruffles to recreate her dress.

  • Bi-Fold With Unicorn Design

    It is a Duck Tape bi-fold with pockets for cards and ID, and has a handcut 100% Duck Tape unicorn de…

  • Sparkling Coin Purse

    I took a couple of my favorite Duck Tapes and covered a plain boring see through coin pouch

  • headband

    only uses about 2 feet of tape

  • Duck Tape® Valentine Card Box

    A Duck Tape® card box is perfect for any occasion from Valentine's Day to wedding celebrations a…

  • Edgar Allen Poe Tape Portrait

    i was given a really cool vintage frame and i wanted to make a fitting portrait and i thought of the…

  • Duck Tape® Phone Case

    Make your own phone case that is both fun and functional with a variety of Duck Tape® prints an…

  • Bundle Ear Rings

    These make for a fun pair of ear rings that will make all your friends jealous.

  • Miniature Top Hat

    A small sized version of a top hat! Perfect for children who had dolls or stuffed animals

  • Duck Tape Flower/Rose

    Duck tape rose I made, first try!(:

  • Woven Braclet

    I thought it would be cool to make a weaving bracelet like the wallet one.

  • Duck Tape® Lunch Bag

    Make your lunches deliciously fun with this customized Mac n Cheese lunch bag.  

  • Duck Tape Gift Bag!!

    This adorable little gift bag is perfect for birthday presents, etc... I thought it was pretty easy.…

  • Duck Tape® Pet Bag Holder

    Fitting for any size leash, this Duck Tape® pet bag holder puts the fun back in functional!

  • Duck Tape® Braided Belt

    Give your look a new twist with your favorite Duck Tape® colors and prints!

  • Star Purse

    Just ur basic no sew purse

  • Cherry wallet

    This wallet is easy to make and very useful.

  • Mans Bi Fold Wallet

    Custom order I made for a mans bi fold wallet with extra card slots. Super easy and fast.

  • Cupcake box

    I made this cute box to put a little present in for a birthday. The inside is scrapbook paper. It wa…

  • Duck Tape Birthday Hat

    A fun and easy craft to allow a DIY aspect to a kids birthday party. Great for a Jungle/Animal the…

  • Fun IPod Cases

    These are some Ipod cases I have made lately. The size I have been making them are for Ipod Touch on…

  • Duct Tape Dragon Sculpture

    My friend commissioned me to make this for his friend's birthday. It was hard to figure out how to p…

  • Duck Tape® Top Hat Headband

    Top off any outfit with style! Follow these instructions and accessorize for your own special occasi…

  • Flip Wallet

    This flip wallet is everything you need in a wallet. A place for everything from your money, to busi…

  • Duck Tape Stickers

    Use sticker backing paper and do your stickers in layers. They are really easy to cut out with sciss…

  • Duck Tape® Owl Tote

    This patchwork tote is owl you need for spring and summer! Just follow these instructions and create…

  • owlete

    i created this with the help of my friend

  • Duck Tape® Spring Party Masks

    Spring into the season with these fun Duck Tape® party masks.

  • Camo Fort

    I built the fort for my son Silas. It is four card board boxes put together and I just added camo du…

  • star burst lamp

    I took my old lamp and a duck tape bombed it. i covered the post in triangles to make it look like a…

  • Ant Bi-Fold

    It is a Duck Tape bi-fold with pockets for cards and ID. It also has a hand cut 100% Duck Tape ant.

  • Card with Gift Card Holder

    This is the same project as the one posted by Duckbrand.com but I left the back blank so everyone co…

  • The Mario Wallet

    it has 3 card pockets one coin pocket a bifold and an id pocket the design was very hard to do cause…

  • Pencil Case

    It looks like chevron lime green and army camo

  • Women's wallet

    Velcro to stay shut 14 card pockets, made this a long time ago so it is really bad

  • Bow earrings

    Pastel purple bow earrings don't weigh a lot

  • Duck Tape Wallet

    This a wallet using duck tape. It has four card pockets and a billfold. I like how it pops with the…

  • Duck Tape Wallet

    This a wallet using duck tape. It has four card pockets and a billfold. I like how it pops with the…

  • Duck Tape Wallet

    This wallet is out of neon houndstooth and blue. It has 4 card pockets and id and is super easy to …

  • Core Bracelets

    We have been using a lot of Duck Tape so we had a lot of cores left over from our projects. Today w…

  • Mustache money

    I use this as my personal wallet

  • yellow

    duct tape, something to cut it with

  • Women's Wallet

    A really spiffy way for the ladies to carry cash & cards with ease and PLENTY of space!

  • Kid safe fireworks

    My nephew loves fireworks so I made him these 5 year old safe fireworks. What I did was take 6 inch …

  • Pink flower bag

    A simple shoulder bag made using pink and pastel pink tape. I made the flower on the front by making…

  • Duck Tape® Easter Egg Flower

    Transform a bouquet of flowers into a new springtime tradition with this handmade Duck Tape® Eas…

  • Duck Tape® Egg Picture Frame

    Capture all your holiday moments this year by designing your own Duck Tape® Easter egg picture f…

  • Notebook

    Duct taped notebook, looks so much cuter than a plain one!

  • Woven mini accordion wallet

    It has a ziplock coin pouch inside

  • Woven Women's Purse

    This is the same as a ducktivity posted by duck brand but made for me with my favorite colors! It t…

  • Duck Tape® Standing Birds

    Bring spring indoors with these colorful Duck Tape® birds!

  • two pocket bag

    This two pocket bag has a larger pouch in the back and a smaller one in front. I used two sandwich b…

  • Duck Tape Birthday Card

    My friend Kayla and i wanted to do something different for a mutual friend's birthday card like maki…

  • laptop scales

    i gave my laptop a scaly look by using duck tape flower petals and layering them to look like scales…

  • peacock lady

    my ducktivity is a wallet with a peacock and has peacock feathers on it

  • Duck Tape Bead Necklace

    The students are creating Duck Tape Necklaces to donate to a local shelter. This were created by ro…

  • Miniature Dress

    It did not take much duct tape and it was very fun to make!

  • Duck Tape Pirate Ship

    I create many elaborate props - in my spare time - to shock and amuse guests at several parties my h…

  • Sugar Skull of Duct Tape

    This is a Day of the Dead sugar skull made from duct tape and stuck to a duct tape drawstring purse!…

  • Ducked Up Pig

    Madison Indiana has a ribberfest festival every year including blues, ballons and bar-b-q. One main…

  • N Dot Art

    I think its a creative way to use duct tape.

  • duck-tape-cell-phone-case

    I was bored on a rainy day and decided to make a case for my phone.

  • Duck Tape Puppet Theatre

    Make a puppet theatre for you doorway using Duck tape and a shower curtain liner in less the 45 minu…

  • Duct Tape Chocolate Chip Cookie

    This cute and adorable chocolate chip cookie is so easy and fun to make! Please rate stars and comme…

  • Black and White Woven Coin Case

    I made the black one first, and then the black and white one, both look pretty cool

  • Glasses Case

    These are REALLY fun to make, and are a great holder for your glasses. I put special stuff on the in…

  • Duct Tape Goodie Bags

    I started making the bags for my future mother-in-law for Birthday Grams. They are a hit!If you woul…

  • Nintendo DS Lite Case with Game Pockets

    I just got bored and started playing around with duct tape, really. I can't remember exactly how I d…

  • Cute Little Owl

    I made this little owl for a friend at work :)

  • Cup Cake Wallet

    i wanted to give my sis something special so i made this

  • Weaved Coin Purse With Flower

    it took about 45 min. including the flower design.

  • Duck Tape® Woven Basket

    This woven basket is the perfect decorative touch to your spring décor.  

  • woven purse

    woven purse with a button added for a little extra jazz!

  • Crazy fun hat

    This is cool to do

  • fashion storage box

    You can put your jewelry and candy or any little it would make a great box for a birthday present or…

  • Woven zig-zag wallet

    For this wallet, I used the pastel blue and the pastel purple duct tape. This wallet has 2 pockets, …

  • Dog Walker FannyPack of Treats

    This Fanny-Pack style bag is perfect for any dog walker! It has an adjustable waist strap (Velcro) t…

  • Duck Tape Mustache Boots

    A friend of mine came to me and said her beloved pair of boots was in dire need of repair. I took th…

  • Team Spirit

    Picture Frame that can be hung outdoors. Beads on necklace. Tape cover on candy tin. Printed scho…

  • 100% Duct Tape Birthday Cake

    this is a 100% duct tape birthday cake i made for a friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phone Fashons Mike Wazowski

    i have been trying to come up with a good halloween costume for my phone so i thought it would be c…

  • Duck Tape Cell Phone Sofa

    I was thinking of something unique to make out of Duck Tape and this is what I came up with! It is a…

  • Beautiful Trashcan!

    It is a cool accent to any room anywhere! Come get one!

  • Porygon 3DS case.

    Just a Porygon 3DS case that holds 6 games. I made it as a Christmas present for my friend.If you li…

  • Colorful Portfolio

    This portfolio has a calendar /checkbook holder, 4 credit card slots a clear id holder a hidden poc…

  • Duck Tape® Bow Belt

    Add a touch of sophistication to any outfit with this Duck Tape® bow belt.

  • Flower

    Cute flower with a clip glued to the back so you can clip in your hair or to a bag, whatever you wan…

  • Wine Glass Flower

    I have all these wine glasses in a box at my place, and lots of Duct Tape as well. So, I made a flow…

  • Duck Tape® Chevron Clutch

    This chevron clutch is the perfect size and style for whatever occasion comes your way this year!

  • #cereal box bag#

    My BFF actually made this for me... she gave me permission to post this, and I needed something last…

  • Magnetic D.Tape Coupon Holder

    For this Ductivity, I used an old soap container as a base, then I cut off the top and coated it in …


    Cute purse made from duck tape and jeans the wallet is all ducktape

  • duck tape scrap book

    i made a scrap book of all my duck tape to remember all the amazing duck tape ive owned

  • Duck Tape® Ruffled Necklace

    Celebrate Mom and all that she does with a handmade Duck Tape® accessory that will last forever!

  • Cd case

    I made a dc case for my car because my CDs are all over my car.

  • zig-zag women's wallet

    For this wallet I used the hot pink and black duct tape. It has 2 bill-folds, 5 card pockets, and 1 …

  • Duck tape evening bag

    This purse is perfect for anyone wanting a patriotic flair in dressy style. Inside it features a po…

  • Zippered pencil pouch

    This Pencil pouch is perfect for anyone that wants to look cool in school. In addition to it's main…

  • Flower Power earrings

    I love making earrings..and i like making the tape flowers..so i combined the two..

  • Duck Prism® Charm Bracelet

    Make your accessories shine with this customized Duck Prism® charm bracelet!

  • flower pencil

    Rombow,swirly duck tape flower!!


    I made this duck tape wallet to encourage recycling

  • weaved womans wallet

    -2 bill pockets a -huge blue coin pouch -1 ID -

  • Duck Tape® Flamingo Beach Bag

    Take the new Duck Tape® print to the beach this summer! Follow these instructions and create you…

  • Duck Tape® Key Holder

    Looking for a last minute gift idea for Father's Day? Just choose his favorite color and print to ma…

  • Duck Tape® Spring Sign

    Celebrate your favorite seasons throughout the year with Duck Tape®!

  • Duck Tape® Hyacinth

    Bring your love for spring indoors! Choose your favorite color or print and make your very own Duck …

  • Duck Tape Scents® Ice Cream Cone

    Give your party the scent of summer with this one-of-a-kind ice cream cone decoration.

  • Flowery Hedgehog

    I made a hedgehog out of duct tape. I didn't have brown so I used different colors and patterns inst…

  • scrapbookmini accordion wallet

    It's a mini accordion wallet made out of scrapbook paper

  • Pineappe Pencil Holder

    This pineapple can be used as a decoration, or to hold your favorite pens and pencils. Quick and eas…

  • A Heart Bookmark

    it is a easy and cute bookmark to make!!!!!!!!!!Have fun!!!!!!!

  • Duct Tape Fortune Cookie

    These cute, simple message-holders make a great party decoration.

  • USA Flag Necklace

    Cute Necklace for the 4th of July Holiday

  • Duck Tape® Swirl Necklace

    This Duck Tape® necklace is the perfect combination of fun and funky. 

  • Rose Silhouette Poster

    To make: 1. Cover card stock or poster board in desired back ground color (Red in this case) 2. Cut…

  • Duck tape bookmarks

    Pretty booksmarks made with duck tape and paper clips.

  • Birds &Tree Duck Tape Picture

    A duck tape picture to hang on your wall. This one might take a little more time than some other pic…

  • light switch cover

    It was really easy to make

  • Duck Tape® Striped Egg

    Decorate your eggs a little differently this year with your favorite Duck Tape®. 

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