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  • IPod Arm Band

    This is a simple project. All you do is get an iPod holder out of duck tape then tape it to an arm b…

  • Duct Tape Platypus

    This is a platypus I made that has stuffing in it. It can also be used as a pillow . To see more of …

  • E-meal

    The E-meal comes with a hamburger, ice cream cone, fries, a toy, and an orange. If you want to see m…

  • The Awesome Purse of Awesomness

    This is a purse made from completely duck tape. It uses pink and also zebra print duck tape. Hope yo…

  • Duck Tape Flat

    i was bored and looking on ductivites then got the idea. if you want to see more awesome duct tape s…

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