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becky's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Lanyard

    Going back to school and worry about losing your things? Stick with Duck Tape® and you'll never …

  • Duck Tape® Tablet Cover

    Cover your tablet in style by creating a case made of your favorite Duck Tape® color or design!

  • Car Napkin Holder

    I made this napkin holder for your car to put in the arm rest. I always save the extras from fast fo…

  • Dresser

    this is my dresser me and my mom made we coverd it All

  • Pencil Pouch/Makeup Holder

    Creates a stylish and beautiful pencil pouch that can be used for school or a makeup holder. You don…

  • Duck Tape® Coin Purse

    Put the fun back in funky with this new Ducklings™ mini roll printed coin purse!

  • Duck Tape® Mutli-Card Holder

    Keep your items secure while covering them with the fun of Gummy Bears!

  • funtastic tables

    to jazz up an old table to look like a brand new festive centerpiece that will be sure to strike up …

  • Mustache Table

    I used a old beat up table and tons of mustache tape

  • Duck Tape® Ribbon Board

    Display your memories with a little help from Duck Tape®.

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becky's Submitted Ducktivities

  • duct tape cart

    these plastic bins are so ugly I've always tried to hide them. I used to really hate them until I th…

  • mason jar!

    i used my duct tape mason jar as my good things jar this year. good things jar is something you star…

  • Nail Polish Storage!

    I used to keep my nail polish just laying around in my purse, nightstand, dresser, or where ever i c…

  • Carts!

    Here are some more carts that I covered in duct tape! All you have to do is duct tape the outside of…

  • Duct tape nightlight!

    My light has been cracked for a while and I've tried fixing it but the only thing I've liked is duc…

  • Garbage can!

    My garbage can was ugly and boring so I decided to decorate it with duct tape!

  • Zebra folder

    My folder for creative writing:)

  • Lanyard

    Cute lanyard for my keys!

  • Ipad case!

    I live this but it's very hard to cut the duct tape around the holes of the case so be careful! Also…

  • Box

    This is a cute way to upgrade a wooden box.

  • Peace

    I had a wooden peace sign that I didn't like so I covered it in duct tape.

  • Paint splatters

    Just a cart covered in duct tape.

  • Notebook

    Decorated my notebook for school

  • Chapstick caddy!

    I'm always losing my Chapstick so I made a caddy to put on my keys!

  • Ipad charger

    My ipad charger kept getting mixed up with my friends. No more confusion because I duct taped mine.

  • Chapstick caddy!

    I put this on my keys so I don't use my chapstick!

  • Nightstand!

    Covered my nightstand with duct tape

  • Peacock

    Covered an ugly bin with duct tape

  • Pen can!

    Needed someplace to put my pens.

  • Chapstick holder!

    Another Chapstick holder I made!

  • Cd case

    I made a dc case for my car because my CDs are all over my car.

  • Duct tape bag

    I cut the top off of a ziplock bag and made a bag out of duct tape.

  • garbage can

    DuckTape garbage can for my car!

  • Duct tape bag

    Another duct tape bag I made with a ziplock bag!

  • Baggie

    Duct tape bag I made to put on my keys. I'm going to use mine for lose change and hair ties but you …

  • Duct tape envelope

    I made this cool duct tape envelope to ship my textbook back!

  • Paint splatters!

    Another garbage can I covered in duct tape:)

  • Duct tape shelf

    My shelf needed to be duct taped. All together it took about 10 hours but I spread it out over a few…

  • Chevron luggage tag!

    My friend and I recently took a vacation and I made luggage tags for out luggage!

  • Flip flips!

    I took an old pair of flip flips and wrapped duct tape around the strap.

  • File box!

    I covered my file box in duct tape!

  • Duct tape light!

    My light was boring so I covered it in duct tape!

  • Rainbow wallet!

    Cool duct tape wallet!

  • 2014/2015 planner!

    My agenda for school was really boring so I duct taped it!

  • duct tape counter!

    my counter was ugly so i made it pretty!

  • Duct tape stool!

    My stool needed some life!

  • Duct tape frame!

    This needed to be cuter!

  • duct tape light!

    my lamp shade had a rip in it so I fixed my light and I decorated!

  • graffiti wallet!

    this was the first wallet I ever made!

  • rainbow wallet!

    just another wallet I made:)

  • red dragon wallet

    another wallet but this one is a guys wallet!

  • colorful wallet!

    another wallet:)

  • cheetah!

    I needed to make my calendar more alive!

  • Flower Folder

    my folder was kinda boring so I thought duct tape would make it better!

  • Mac and cheese wallet!

    another wallet I made for a friend!

  • heart box!

    necklace box that I covered in duct tape!

  • gift bag

    gift bag I made out of duct tape!

  • Blue Flower Cart

    I hate how these carts are clear. I taped every one that I have!

  • Owl Wallet!

    adorable owl wallet I made!

  • Pink and Green Wallet!

    wallet I made!

  • Marker Cup!

    decorated my marker cup on my whiteboard.

  • Heart Bag!

    cute little heart bag I made.