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Mrs. Candi's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Flip Wallet

    Take the magic of Duck Tape® wherever you go with this customized flip wallet.

  • Very cute duck tape wallet

    This duck tape wallet is easy to make but takes time. This wallet will last!!!

  • Duct Tape Wallet: Skyrim

    Skyrim Wallet -4 pockets, 2 V pockets, and a billfold -design is hand cut by me and is clear taped o…

  • Tri-Woven Duck Tape Wallet

    It is a tri-woven Duck Tape wallet with blue, purple, and pastel purple. It also has pockets for car…

  • Beautiful Roses

    These are some of the roses I made with the directions from your rounded petal rose here on this sit…

  • Zebra Print Duct Tape Rose

    I've been making duct tape roses and flowers for the last four years now and I recently started sell…

  • Fancy Flowers

    These flowers are perfect for decoration. If you put these flowers in a duct tape holder, they make …

  • Flower pen

    It's a pen that looks like a flower duh

  • flower pencil

    Rombow,swirly duck tape flower!!

  • Duck Tape® Star Wreath

    Add a burst of patriotic flair to your 4th of July party with a customized Duck Tape® star …

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Mrs. Candi's Submitted Ducktivities

Mrs. Candi has not submitted any Ducktivities yet.