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Casey's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Giant Bow Headband!

    This large bow headband is very fashionable and unique...also very easy to make! Hope you have fun m…

  • Cute and Easy Tote Bag!!!

    Pretty easy! Take a plastic shopping bag that has seams on the side (like a clothing store bag). Cu…

  • The Adorable and Simple Purse!

    I used my duck tape wallet making skills for this purse. It is similar to a very small tote bag and …

  • Yellow Hello Kitty Wallet!!!

    Just something I threw together when I was bored! I love Hello Kitty, so yeah! I'm not going to post…

  • Fashionable Rose Headband!!!

    A Fashionable Headband combining a yellow rose with a cute zig zag zebra band! Pretty easy steps and…

  • Beautiful Rose

    A realistic, artistic,and beautiful duct tape rose! I hope the directions are clear! Have fun!!!