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Corinne's Saved Ducktivities

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Corinne's Submitted Ducktivities

  • First Attempt Flowers

    This was my first attempt at a bouquet so it isn't that great, but I've gotten much better!

  • Purse/Pouch

    I cut out two pieces of fabric and put the bright sides together, then duct tapes 3 of the edges to …

  • Duct Tape Wristlet

    I made this wristlet with the following measurements: body duct tape fabric of 21 cm x 11.5 cm high…

  • 6 Card Slot wallet

    I made this wallet using green and black as the edging colors, and added 6 Credit Card slots by maki…

  • The Best Darn Rose Ever!!

    This rose is a mix of Paint Splatter Duck Tape and Multiple Colors of Corresponding Color Duck Tape.…

  • Multi-Colored Rose

    This rose is made using a patterned tape and several corresponding colors of tape for the petals. 1 …

  • Wallet with Shoe and Skull !!

    This wallet was made using all Duck Brand Duct Tape. I made the wallet and cut out a shoe that looks…

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