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Dan's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® BFF Bracelet

    Make a simple craft into a meaningful gift with this Duck Tape® BFF bracelet.

  • Duck Tape® Flip-Flops

    If the shoe fits, make it out of Duck Tape®! By following these simple instructions, you can mak…

  • Duck Tape® Heart Toppers

    What better way to top off your Valentine's Day celebrations than with your love of Duck Tape®.

  • Duck Tape® Fabric

    Learning how to make Duck Tape® fabric is a simple way to transform your Duck Tape® into a t…

  • Top hat

    you need to use cardboard for the top but not for the brim. Good luck!

  • Duck Tape Bongo's!

    I was invited to my friends murder mystery party and... My character was a guy who played bongo's. T…

  • Valentine's Day Roses

    A thoughtful gift for that special person in your life that will never wither away!

  • Calla lilly

    Calla Lilly i made for a friend. Making these for valentines day

  • Bouquet of flowers

    There's your basic rose with pens a flower with pen and splash of rose added leaves used duck tape c…

  • Duck Tape Drink Coaster

    A super stylin' coaster for all of your favorite drinks. 1. Cover top and bottom of cardboard coaste…

  • Realistic & Easy DuctTape Rose

    When I made my first duct tape rose, this is the design I came up with. I was searching online and w…

  • Duck Tape Snowman Snow Globe

    What is a better Christmas decoration than a Duck Tape Snow Globe? Follow these steps to make an ama…

  • Duct Tape Cow Purse

    It is just like a coin pouch and can hold quite a few things, very easy :)

  • Rainbow Bead Bracelet

    Made this with a button, stretchy string, and over course Tape!!! Fits nicely and comfortably!

  • Duck Tape® Seat Cushion

    Whether camping or at a sports game, this Duck Tape® foam seat cushion gives you comfort an…

  • Duck Tape® Decorative Lamp

    Light up your room with this one of a kind Duck Tape® ruffled lamp.  

  • Duck Tape® Lunch Bag

    Make your lunches deliciously fun with this customized Mac n Cheese lunch bag.  

  • Duck Tape® Pet Bag Holder

    Fitting for any size leash, this Duck Tape® pet bag holder puts the fun back in functional!

  • Duck Tape® Braided Belt

    Give your look a new twist with your favorite Duck Tape® colors and prints!

  • Duck Tape® Hanging Boxes

    With just a little Duck Tape® and everyday items, you can make organization fun and easy with th…

  • Duck Tape® Necktie

    With a wide variety of colors and designs, a Duck Tape® necktie can be a great gift or the chanc…

  • Duck Tape® Top Hat Headband

    Top off any outfit with style! Follow these instructions and accessorize for your own special occasi…

  • Duck Tape® Dry Erase Calendar

    Make organization fun again with this Duck Tape® calendar made with picture frames and your…

  • The Mario Wallet

    it has 3 card pockets one coin pocket a bifold and an id pocket the design was very hard to do cause…

  • Duck Tape® Scalloped Bracelet

    Follow these instructions to make a funky accessory that really sticks to your personal fashion with…

  • Duck Tape® Gift Bow

    Add a unique touch with any gift this year with a Duck Tape® Bow. Just pick your favorite c…

  • Duck Tape® 3D Heart

    A Duck Tape® heart isn't just a gift; it's a unique way to personalize your affections. Follow t…

  • Duck Tape® Spring Party Masks

    Spring into the season with these fun Duck Tape® party masks.

  • star burst lamp

    I took my old lamp and a duck tape bombed it. i covered the post in triangles to make it look like a…

  • Bunny duck tape dress

    My daughter wanted me to make a duct tape dress for her stuffed bunny so I fashioned a summer dress …

  • Duck Prism® Egg Wreath

    Make your holiday decorations shine this year with your very own Duck Prism® egg wreath!

  • Notebook

    Duct taped notebook, looks so much cuter than a plain one!

  • Duck Tape® Standing Birds

    Bring spring indoors with these colorful Duck Tape® birds!

  • Duck Tape® Bow Belt

    Add a touch of sophistication to any outfit with this Duck Tape® bow belt.

  • Duck Tape® Ruffled Necklace

    Celebrate Mom and all that she does with a handmade Duck Tape® accessory that will last forever!

  • Duck Tape® Chevron Clutch

    This chevron clutch is the perfect size and style for whatever occasion comes your way this year!

  • Duck Prism® Charm Bracelet

    Make your accessories shine with this customized Duck Prism® charm bracelet!

  • Duck Tape® Key Holder

    Looking for a last minute gift idea for Father's Day? Just choose his favorite color and print to ma…

  • Duck Tape Scents® Ice Cream Cone

    Give your party the scent of summer with this one-of-a-kind ice cream cone decoration.

  • Duck Tape® Pet Treat Bag

    Great for walks or on-the-go, this pet treat bag can be made with any of your favorite Duck Tap…

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Dan's Submitted Ducktivities

  • zipper bag

    I gave this bag as a valentine gift to my mom but it would be good for any women who wants a purse t…

  • Woven Braclet

    I thought it would be cool to make a weaving bracelet like the wallet one.

  • 60's hat

    Pretty easy to make this. Fits me and my huge stuffed animal.

  • Mustache Flower

    Its easy to make. Wish i had green duct tape for the stem and leaves.

  • Flower

    Easy to make.

  • Cushion Seat

    To make the seat more comfortable i added felt.

  • Tiny Pillow

    All I did to make the pillow was get 2 duct tape sheets, make a doubled sided sheet with it, fold it…

  • Flying Pigs Over the Rainbow

    I tried to make it look sorta like flowers around the lamp but not sure it came out to well. The bo…

  • mini dog purse

    I made this for a friend to put like a stuffed animal dog in it. It was her birthday and i didnt ge…

  • Octopus Bracelet

    I got bored and wanted to make a bracelet that wasn't really huge. It looks sort of weird to me but …

  • Duct Tape Headband

    I loved the way this came out :) I wore it somewhere and a few people asked if i could make them one…

  • Glow Dark Ninja Star

    I was trying to make the like Christmas tree star but failed to. So it turned out like a ninja star …

  • Flower Box

    I made the flowers a long time before i made the box. But i decided i would use the box to hold the …

  • Craft Duck Tape Box

    I just needed something to hold my craft items and used a box and duct taped it >.>

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