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Dan's Saved Ducktivities

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Dan's Submitted Ducktivities

  • zipper bag

    I gave this bag as a valentine gift to my mom but it would be good for any women who wants a purse t…

  • Woven Braclet

    I thought it would be cool to make a weaving bracelet like the wallet one.

  • 60's hat

    Pretty easy to make this. Fits me and my huge stuffed animal.

  • Mustache Flower

    Its easy to make. Wish i had green duct tape for the stem and leaves.

  • Flower

    Easy to make.

  • Cushion Seat

    To make the seat more comfortable i added felt.

  • Tiny Pillow

    All I did to make the pillow was get 2 duct tape sheets, make a doubled sided sheet with it, fold it…

  • Flying Pigs Over the Rainbow

    I tried to make it look sorta like flowers around the lamp but not sure it came out to well. The bo…

  • mini dog purse

    I made this for a friend to put like a stuffed animal dog in it. It was her birthday and i didnt ge…

  • Octopus Bracelet

    I got bored and wanted to make a bracelet that wasn't really huge. It looks sort of weird to me but …

  • Duct Tape Headband

    I loved the way this came out :) I wore it somewhere and a few people asked if i could make them one…

  • Glow Dark Ninja Star

    I was trying to make the like Christmas tree star but failed to. So it turned out like a ninja star …

  • Flower Box

    I made the flowers a long time before i made the box. But i decided i would use the box to hold the …

  • Craft Duck Tape Box

    I just needed something to hold my craft items and used a box and duct taped it >.>