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Jennai 's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Quick and Easy Bow

    This bow takes less than 5 minutes to make and is super cute.

  • Amazingly Cute Shoes

    I made these shoes and all my friends are jealous. For more info on the shoes or anything else I mak…

  • Headband with Bow

    I covered a headband in duck tape and created several bows that I can switch out. The one on here is…

  • My New Bag

    I wanted a new bag so I decided to make one. It is 100% duck tape except for the clear tape covering…

  • Super

    I was tired of my old backpack so I decided to be creative and make one out of duck tape. Then I add…

  • Duck Tape Wallet w/ Braided Wristlet

    This wristlet wallet is extremely easy to make and only takes about 10-15 minutes.

  • My First Woven Wallet

    I hope you enjoy this wallet.... I know I do. Please email me at jenbfmol@gmail if you have any ques…

  • My First Woven Wallet

    This is my first woven wallet. I personally think it turned out pretty good. For more ideas or anyth…

  • Teal And White Bifold Wallet

    The pic is messed up but the bluish color is teal. This is the new and improved duck tape wallet. It…

  • Duck Tape Wallet

    This is another wallet made by me. I call it "Ductabulous's best wallet". Ductabulous is my business…

  • Bifold Wallet With Two Pockets

    I LOVE this wallet. I made it with pink zebra and zebra duck tape. Keeping the bill pocket shut is a…