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Lily's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape Gift Bag!!

    This adorable little gift bag is perfect for birthday presents, etc... I thought it was pretty easy.…

  • Duck Tape® Ladybug Card

    Make something special that is perfect for every occasion with this Ladybug card featuring Duck Wash…

  • Duct tape ruffle purse

    This purse is a fashionable, useful to carry around essentials

  • Duct tape purse

    Woven duct tape purse

  • duct tape rose pen

    a duct tape rose pen is a very nice way to add some decoration to those old pens!

  • Messenger Bag

    My Bestie and I decided to make a plaid purse, which turned out too small to hold anything...so here…

  • Duck Tape Flower Flip Flops

    These stylish flip flops are perfect for the summer. Accented with a duck tape flower gives it perso…

  • Woven mini accordion wallet

    It has a ziplock coin pouch inside

  • Women's wallet

    Velcro to stay shut 14 card pockets, made this a long time ago so it is really bad

  • Duct Tape Bow Hairpin

    This is a cute little bow with a hairpin in it!

  • Awesome hair bow

    It is a awesome craft! you can where it anywhere you like

  • ring

    tape some thing to cut with

  • Water Bottle Carrier

    I am obsessed with duct tape crafts and am always looking for ideas and projects, this is one I foun…

  • Duck Tape Bow Pony

    This is just a normal bow taped on to a hair-tie! Super cute, in a ponytail or a bun!

  • Duck Tape® Chevron Clutch

    This chevron clutch is the perfect size and style for whatever occasion comes your way this year!

  • Duck Tape® Book Cover

    Add a funky twist to your back-to-school supplies with this Duck Tape® book cover.

  • Pretty Flower

    1. Start by chosing your favorite color of duck tape and making it 20 inches long.2. carefully fold …

  • Recycable Chip Duct Tape Bag

    This is a zipper up Frito chip bag. All you really need is only one roll of duct tape unless you wan…

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