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Emma's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Calla Lily

    What's better than a flower you don't have to water? Follow these steps and use your favorite Duck T…

  • swirled flower

    Blue green and purple swirled flower made entirely out of duck tape

  • Duck Tape® Locker Magnets

    Jazz up your school locker with these one-of-a-kind Duck® Tape locker magnets

  • Duck Tape® Gift Tag

    Customize gift tags for every occasion this year with your favorite holiday Duck Tape® colors an…

  • Wrapping Bow

    We made this cute duck tape bow for some holiday wrapping!

  • rose earing

    it is an earing and it is fab u can make it in any colour and match it on your dress

  • Duck Tape® 3D Heart

    Want to say something to your Valentine? Say it with Duck Tape®! 

  • Duck Tape® Lanyard

    Going back to school and worry about losing your things? Stick with Duck Tape® and you'll never …

  • flower pencil

    Rombow,swirly duck tape flower!!

  • Duck Tape® Woven Basket

    This woven basket is the perfect decorative touch to your spring décor.  

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Emma's Submitted Ducktivities

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