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Caitlyn's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Hanging Boxes

    With just a little Duck Tape® and everyday items, you can make organization fun and easy with th…

  • Duck Tape® Decorative Boxes

    Let Duck Tape® create and keep your memories with customized boxes! Organize cards, photographs …

  • Stick Frame

    Put this on your refrigerator, white board, or something magnetic. If you want or don't have any mag…

  • Duck Tape® Calla Lily

    What's better than a flower you don't have to water? Follow these steps and use your favorite Duck T…

  • Duck Tape® Gift Tag

    Customize gift tags for every occasion this year with your favorite holiday Duck Tape® colors an…

  • Duck Tape® Tree Décor

    Make Duck Tape® the centerpiece of your holidays with these festive decorations made with your f…

  • Duck Washi® Striped Earrings

    Accessorize your springtime wear this year with these fun and playful Duck Washi® striped earrin…

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Caitlyn's Submitted Ducktivities

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