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Kristie's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Ombre Mirror

    Give an ordinary accessory a makeover with this ombre inspired Duck Tape® mirror - hom…

  • Duck Tape Dorm Fridge!

    My roommate and I got a Fridge for our dorm room in college and we were not too happy about the bori…

  • Duck Tape® Decorative Pillow

    Don’t throw away an old or torn pillow - make it new again with Duck Tape®! Just follow th…

  • Weaved DT Beach Bag

    I use this bag all the time to hold my sunglasses, towel, cash, etc. when I go to the beach. Its ver…

  • checkered backpack

    I actually use this for school. I've gotten at least ten offers to buy it. Maybe I could make a busi…

  • Duck Washi® Sunburst Clock

    Spring forward this year with a burst of sunshine by designing your very own Duck Washi® cl…

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