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danyelle's Saved Ducktivities

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danyelle's Submitted Ducktivities

  • duct tape pouch

    its an easy fun craft. its just a little pouch with flap for change or money etc.

  • duct tape pencil case

    its a neat little pencil case for school. it holds pencils ,pens , etc. fun to make!

  • duct tape womans wallet

    this is a cute but larger woman wallet. it has 2 credit card holders , 1 V pocket. 4 areas to put ch…

  • card pocket clutch

    this product is a clutch with 3 card pockets and 3 larger pockets. its really cute and easy to make.

  • duct tape water bottle holder

    this is a plastic bottle with the top cut off. it holds bracelets all I did was duct tape around the…

  • duct tape pouch

    a very cute pouch for school home or work !

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