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Elise's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Spring Party Masks

    Spring into the season with these fun Duck Tape® party masks.

  • Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bag

    My 5 year old has a tendency to either loose or get his "can't live without" monkey filthy. So I ma…

  • Duck Prism® Egg Wreath

    Make your holiday decorations shine this year with your very own Duck Prism® egg wreath!

  • Organizer Pocket

    I needed a place to put some stuff, so I made this! You get 5 long pieces of tuck tape, overlap them…

  • new improved cell wallet

    has magnet closure instead of strap, has a zipper pouch with hidden pocket behind it. instead of bi…

  • Flowery Hedgehog

    I made a hedgehog out of duct tape. I didn't have brown so I used different colors and patterns inst…

  • pouch

    cute and easy to make.

  • Tri fold wallet

    I made this tri-fold wallet out of emerald tile Duck tape. It has 3 card pockets, one clear pocket f…

  • duct tape pocket locker

    This duct tape pocket locker is great for school! It has many things packed inside. First you have 5…

  • Duck Tape® Swirl Necklace

    This Duck Tape® necklace is the perfect combination of fun and funky. 

  • Disney Princesses Smallet

    Duct tape smallet with four pockets, an ID, and a billfold.

  • Shark hat

    Fun hat to make

  • Inside Outside Wallet

    Make two sheets of your choice of duct tape 4x4. Make any style of card pocket you want, just at lea…

  • Duct Tape Tote Bag!

    Duct Tape tote bag with a clear taped inside. Very strong and perfect for any occasion. Also very fu…

  • Stuffed Animal Dress and Hat

    This cute outfit is perfect for any stuffed friend who wants to play dress-up!

  • Fun Bike Pack

    This is a pouch that you attach to your handlebars on a bike.

  • Sesame Street Character Wallet

    I decided to create Sesame Street character wallets out of DUCT TAPE! (:-COOKIE MONSTER-OSCAR THE GR…

  • Egyptian cat

    Picture of an Egyptian cat each color cut individually

  • Olaf wallet

    Super cute disney frozen olaf wallet!

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Elise's Submitted Ducktivities

  • sharpie holder

    this is really basic. first of all you have to make a double sided strip and then make a bottom piec…

  • organizer

    This has 1 cash pocket 1 credit card pocket 1 clear pocket and 2 other pockets It is just a double s…

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