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Avery's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Accordian Wallet

    This is a really cool teal and black accordion wallet with a velrco opening. Sorry, its worn because…

  • Cool Pattern Bi-fold

    Its a traditional blue Bi-fold wallet with a teal checker pattern on the front and back, covered wit…

  • Enhanced Beach Bag

    I made this awesome beach bag for my trip to the shore. Of course it is waterproof, but for extra st…

  • Cool Blue Tote

    This was the first bag I have made out of duct tape and it turned out pretty well. The straps are br…

  • Musician's Wallet

    I play piano so I decided to make these two wallets with the original piano design and a musical sta…

  • Box-O-Ducts

    I made this duct tape box to hold several rolls of its own. It is not made of entirely duct tape, fo…

  • Color Me Duct Tape

    This wallet I made from strips of different colors. It has three credit card pockets, a two-part bil…

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