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Sami's Saved Ducktivities

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Sami's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Figurine

    somehow it reminds me of my teacher

  • Me Surfing Figurine

    It is a mini me. lol. C:

  • Hello Kitty Face

    Sorry the picture is glared it DOES have a nose. it is yellow. I used an old hello kitty stuffed ani…

  • Zipper Weave Bracelet

    1. take 3 strips of tape, 2 as long as your wrist, 1 three times the length of your wrist.2. take AB…

  • Fingernails

    i got bored one day and thought why not make stick on duct tape fingernails?

  • Hair Decorations

    Sorry mine are all messed up they bend easily. These are good for any public occasion . . . usally. …

  • Mini Crown Headband

    1. Make pointed triangles with duct tape ( like duct tape rose petals) 2. connect them. 3. cover sti…

  • Triple Fold Bow

    i basically made two small bows and taped them together in the middle with the same kind of tape

  • Bathroom Doorknob PhoneHolder

    I made this for my friend because she broke her phone by dropping it in the toilet and then 5 second…

  • Book Cover

    it slips on and off easily and i made it for the book the shadow world by jane johnson

  • Shaker

    I play roller derby so i made a shaker for when i play the game it is always VERY LOUD in there so u…

  • Cherry Filter Wallet

    I based this wallet off of my favorite Korean rock band ( a.k.a. cherry filter ). The lettering is k…

  • Think Pink Wallet

    i made this wallet possibly for someone who likes the color pink. i named it 'think pink' . i did th…

  • My Personal Wallet

    Has 1 hidden pocket, I.d. holder, and 2 card slots, coin pouch, and $ holder ( well duh . . . )peace…

  • Roller Skating Wallet

    I am a roller skater so i thought i should make a wallet that represented me. It has 2 card pockets,…

  • Top Hat Headband

    took me almost 8 yards of tape and has a gold and chrome bow attached.everyone i talked to thought i…

  • Miniskirt

    Took me a long time and three rolls of duck tape.

  • Duct Taped Chair

    I duct taped a chair and put my name on it. It took me about an hour and i duct taped the entire cha…

  • Bumper Sticker

    I made this a couple days ago after my mom asked me to. it says i ♥ 2 rlr sk8 and next to it i put…

  • Halloween Costume Dress

    I made this a couple years back but it never uploaded

  • Zipper Weave Bracelets

    They're of my own design. They're actually really easy to make.

  • Bow Earrings

    I made these for a friend...