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Jamie's Saved Ducktivities

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Jamie's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Ipod Touch Case

    I made tis case out of yellow duck tape and clear duck tape for my brother. It is fully functional a…

  • Duck Tape Blowhorn

    I saw this On the fetured Ducktivteys and had to give it a try! Its really easy and you can make it …

  • Ipod Nano Case

    I made a case for a nano using blue tie-die and blue :)

  • Duck Tape Glove

    It has 5 fingers ( not seen in picture) its fun to make and keeps you dry in the snow!

  • Zebra Bag

    This is a cute fun bag! Check out our other products at www.ducttapeinc.weebly.com

  • Simple Bag

    I made a bag with green duck tape you can tape bows on or make it larger

  • Rainbow Bag

    I made a rainbow bag with a Black strap. It is very nice and the bottom is a clear duck tape. It is …

  • The Hold It All Super Cool Pouch

    I used orange, zippy zebra and clear to make the pouch

  • Duck Tape Tote Bag

    I made this tote bag with teal range and red and I put a pocket in it as well :) Its super sturdy an…

  • The Hold Stuff Purse

    The name says it all Its pretty small but it can hold a lot! ( money, Phones, Keys, )

  • Duck Tape Surfboard

    I'm a surfer so I decided to make a duck-tape surfboard that sorta looked like mine.

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