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Sydney's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Coin pouch

    It is a coin pouch that is 3 inches by 4 inches. It is held together with ziplock. It is a very fun …

  • Bi-fold wallet

    This is a blue and peacock bi-fold wallet, with beige inside the billfold. It has 3 card pockets, a …

  • Diamond bifold wallet

    This is a black bifold wallet with a chrome diamond on the front. It has 3 black card pockets with p…

  • Duck dynasty smallet

    It is a duck dynasty smallet, orange inside the billfold and orange trim on the pockets.

  • Emerald green tile bifold

    It is a emerald green tile bifold wallet, white inside the billfold, chrome pockets with white trim,…

  • Pink bifold wallet

    This is a pink bifold wallet with chrome inside the bifold. It has 3 pink card pockets with black tr…

  • Checkered bifold wallet

    This is a checkered bifold wallet with pastel blue and pink in the billfold (half and half). It has …