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Tiffany's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Braided Belt

    Give your look a new twist with your favorite Duck Tape® colors and prints!

  • Duck Tape Bows

    Super cute bows made from duck tape! There are many ways to make them but this is the easiest I've t…

  • Totes

    This fun and easy tote bag is just the thing to go along with your summer outfit! It's perfect for a…

  • Messenger Bag

    My Bestie and I decided to make a plaid purse, which turned out too small to hold anything...so here…

  • Duck Tape® Animal Print Beach Bag

    A Duck Tape® beach bag is a fun way to hold those sunny day essentials and show off your persona…

  • Duck Tape® Fabric

    Learning how to make Duck Tape® fabric is a simple way to transform your Duck Tape® into a t…

  • Duck Tape® Scalloped Wristlet

    With its scalloped details and playful print, you can take this fashion must-have wherever you go!

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Tiffany's Submitted Ducktivities

Tiffany has not submitted any Ducktivities yet.

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