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Trish's Saved Ducktivities

  • Zebra print wallet

    stylish wallet great for all ages there for sale.

  • Comp books

    cute , fast and versitale. men to women can use these.

  • Pencil Boxes

    Versatile, fun, and waterproof

  • Mickey Revisited

    Its a 8x3 wallet 6 card holders, coin pouch with secret money holder behind the coin pouch. Just a …

  • camo wallet

    cute wallet that has plenty of storage for card and money.



  • Ductape Painting

    you can give them away as gifts and put them all over your walls

  • Notebook and pen

    Easy and super cute

  • Duck tape notebook cover

    My notebooks always get beat up in my backpack, so I created a cover to keep them from falling apart…

  • DIY locker/desk organizer

    This super cool space saver will keep your essentials organized

  • Pickle Duck Tape Notebook

    This cute little pickle notebook is great for school... It is easy, and doesn't take a long to make.…

  • Zebra Print Change purse

    Cute little change purse to hold little things that are usually loose in you purse.

  • Glasses case

    Super cute way to store your glasses.

  • Catch all pouch

    Good for make up to pencils to anything in between.

  • Duck tape zip pouch

    This cute pouch is created with Duck tape, and closes with a zipper. It is great for pens and pencil…

  • Duck Tape Pencil Pouch

    1. Make a 8 1/2 in (length) by 9 in (width) sheet. 2. Do step one over to ma…

  • extreme womens wallet

    it has 12 pockets, an id, large coin pouch, and an expandable bill fold

  • Comic Wallet

    I got a roll of the comic duct tape, so I made a wallet out of it.

  • Flame pouch

    Firery little pouch that is super cute to throw pens and pencils in or put make up in and put in yo…

  • Duck Tape Wallet

    This a wallet using duck tape. It has four card pockets and a billfold. I like how it pops with the…

  • Women's Wallet

    A really spiffy way for the ladies to carry cash & cards with ease and PLENTY of space!

  • Duct Tape Mega-Wallet

    This Ducktivity is a wallet with a card slot, name pocket, money pocket, and a small notepad.

  • Zebra print wristlet

    Cute makeup wristlet , has a cancer ribbon and bling just to add abit of pazazz......

  • Notebook

    Duct taped notebook, looks so much cuter than a plain one!

  • Pencil pouch

    Duct tape pencil pouch using Minnie Mouse tape!

  • Handy Headphone Holder

    I needed something to hold my earbuds in so I made a pouch for them that opens and closes with a zip…

  • Zebra Card Holder

    I made the card holder Ducktivitie using the zebra print

  • Accordian woven wallet

    Make one yourself!(:

  • Chetta Kiss Lunchbox

    Make a statement with your own personalized lunchbox. Its cute lightweight and easy to store.

  • Duct tape flower ring

    For this ring I used the Totally Tie Dye duct tape. Each petal is 3/4 in. by 3/4 in.

  • Checkered bifold wallet

    This is a checkered bifold wallet with pastel blue and pink in the billfold (half and half). It has …

  • Pink Circle Wallet

    These are two of my favorites Duck Tapes and I just love them together

  • cool pen

    a pen with fashion

  • Duck Tape Cell Phone Sofa

    I was thinking of something unique to make out of Duck Tape and this is what I came up with! It is a…

  • Duck Tape Mustache Boots

    A friend of mine came to me and said her beloved pair of boots was in dire need of repair. I took th…

  • Duct Tape woven purse

    For this purse I used the white and black duct tape. Inside the purse is a woven pocket. The dimensi…

  • Duck Tape Wallet

    it is really cool and easy and fun to make

  • Matching wallets

    Cute matching duct tape wallets. Maybe one for you and a friend, or a sister.

  • Duct Tape Wallet!

    Duct tape wallets are a very cool and creative way to hold your cash! They are a great conversation …

  • Mini Accordion Wallet!

    These wallets are great for holding your money and any cards that you carry. The expandable's on the…

  • duct tape womans wallet!!

    Woman's wallets are super cute and great for holding your stuff! Everyone will be dying to learn how…

  • O'Love Hello

    This is a small rectangular purse, using Hello kitty tape with black tape on the inside red straps..…

  • HelloMyKitty

    This is a woven small rectangular purse with a tied flower on front!

  • zig-zag women's wallet

    For this wallet I used the hot pink and black duct tape. It has 2 bill-folds, 5 card pockets, and 1 …

  • Scottie Dog Bifold Wallet

    This completed wallet will have: 5 card pockets, 2 hidden pockets, an ID slot, and a billfold

  • Peacock Mini Accordion Wallet

    Why have a boring wallet when you can have a vibrant peacock wallet that hold an ID, change and has …

  • Mustache wallet

    It is made out of mustache duck tape and it has 3 card pockets. It also has a large billfold for mon…

  • Inside out wallets

    These are two super cute inside out wallets that also have a ziplock coin pouch :)

  • money saver

    it is a small purse it is for putting money and it is save and have welcrow and i love it a lot.

  • Easy Coin Pouch

    This is a very fun craft to make out of duck tape! FIRST: cut out 6 strips of 10-12 inch tape. SECO…

  • Easy Coin Pouch

    This is a very fun craft to make out of duck tape! FIRST: cut out 6 strips of 10-12 inch tape. SECO…

  • mini purse for smaller items

    This is an intermeadiate leval purse which you can make with any color duck tape you want the way i …

  • Duct tape woven wallet

    For this wallet I used white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple duct tape. This wallet ha…

  • Accordion camera case

    Camera case and wallet in one with a ziplock coin pouch

  • Baroque Bi-Fold Wallet

    This bi-fold has four pockets, two hiddens, and an ID. It has no sticky in the billfold or the card …

  • paper lamp

    duuk tape fold together , with scale draw straight lines at equal distance , then cut with scissors …

  • A very thin wallet

    It has 3 card pockets, and ID and a hidden pocket.

  • Generations of Style

    This was my grandmother's dresser. She passed it to my mother who passed it to me. Recent, our daug…

  • Jewelry Box

    I took my old jewelry box with lots of scratches on it and covered it and it drawers with purple and…

  • #Duck Tape Picture Frame#

    #This is my second attempt at making a duck tape picture frame. My First one was actually yellow and…

  • Red Bandana Clutch/Wallet

    Has a Magnetic Closure on inside has 8 credit card Slots and a envelope style coin pouch in yellow a…

  • Duct Tape Despicable Me Wallet

    Listed is a duct tape wallet handmade by me. It is very high quality. There are 4 pockets, an ID slo…

  • Union Jack Wallet

    This is just a standard bi-fold duct tape wallet made with the Union Jack Duck Tape print. The insid…

  • Red, White, and Black Purse

    This is my first Duck Tape Purse-

  • Woman's Wallet with checkbook

    This is a women's wallet made out of duct tape with a zipper closure pouch, 17 credit card slots wit…

  • Delux accordion

    High quality wallet just for you !

  • Bifold

    Has a billfold, 4 card pockets, and an ID

  • Woven wallet

    Peacock tape and dark blue tape woven together to make a checkered pattern

  • Duct tape purse

    Paris pattern duct tape purse

  • Telephone Purse

    For all those phone lovers. Total Height 12", Total Width 14 1/2", Bag Height 7", Bag Width 11", De…

  • Zebra Purse

    Changeable Flowers using Velcro. Magnet to keep flap closed. Punched holes in the two ends of the st…

  • Lawn chair

    Turn a used lawn chair to a brand new chair

  • Goes with every color

    Use one color on one side and another color on the other side to get your look

  • Woven in design

    The purse is woven with 4 different colors. The Cha Cha Cherry and the Electric blue are woven toget…

  • Piano Wallet

    Here is a duct tape wallet with a piano design

  • Smallet

    It has 4 card pockets, an ID and a billfold.

  • bi-fold

    Duct tape bi-fold Easy to make.

  • Flower

    Tell us all about your finished Ducktivity

  • a cool bifold

    Really fun to make

  • Jewelry Box

    This box is made from a duct tape core and different kinds of duct tape. It's great for smaller jewe…

  • Duck Tape Notebooks

    Personalize composition notebooks with duck tape! Easy to do and very cool! You can also add accesso…

  • The School Jackpot


  • Magic The Gathering Playmat

    Our son decided that he wanted to learn to play MTG with us, but he was having some difficulty learn…

  • Flower Lamp

    An easy but beautiful lamp

  • Duct Tape Purse

    Put anything from a wallet,phone or even make-up in this cute little purse!

  • Duck tape locker caddy

    I created a locker caddy out of duck tape. It has 2 pockets to hold your stuff, and magnets on the b…

  • pencil pouch

    To me my pencil pouch is soooo cute and all my friends like it. You can use it for school!

  • Tribal Turtle Painting

    This tribal image was used by taping a reference picture over my original color of duck tape. Requir…

  • Duck tape locker caddy

    I created this locker caddy from Duck tape. It has a small corkboard for posting notes or pictures, …

  • Duct tape Notebook

    This is just a notebook covered in Duct tape. It's super easy and great for school.☺

  • Bi-fold

    It's has no fold over lines 2 section an a ziplock coin pouch

  • Duct Tape Mini Accordion

    2 large expandables, coin pouch

  • Duct tape womans wallet

    6 card pockets, a billfold, 2 large expandables, coin pouch

  • Duct Tape Phone Wallet

    I made this based on something someone else made. I holds up to an iPhone 4, has a zipper coin pouch…

  • Duct Tape Diaper Bag

    I made a duct tape diaper bag for my friend who is having a baby girl soon

  • Duct tape bifold

    5 card pockets, id, 2 hiddens, and a billfold

  • Key Chain

    You can use it as a key chain, but I use mine for my flash drive for school.

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