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Trish's Saved Ducktivities

  • Zebra print wallet

    stylish wallet great for all ages there for sale.

  • Comp books

    cute , fast and versitale. men to women can use these.

  • Pencil Boxes

    Versatile, fun, and waterproof

  • Mickey Revisited

    Its a 8x3 wallet 6 card holders, coin pouch with secret money holder behind the coin pouch. Just a …

  • camo wallet

    cute wallet that has plenty of storage for card and money.



  • Ductape Painting

    you can give them away as gifts and put them all over your walls

  • Notebook and pen

    Easy and super cute

  • Duck tape notebook cover

    My notebooks always get beat up in my backpack, so I created a cover to keep them from falling apart…

  • DIY locker/desk organizer

    This super cool space saver will keep your essentials organized

  • Pickle Duck Tape Notebook

    This cute little pickle notebook is great for school... It is easy, and doesn't take a long to make.…

  • Zebra Print Change purse

    Cute little change purse to hold little things that are usually loose in you purse.

  • Glasses case

    Super cute way to store your glasses.

  • Catch all pouch

    Good for make up to pencils to anything in between.

  • Duck tape zip pouch

    This cute pouch is created with Duck tape, and closes with a zipper. It is great for pens and pencil…

  • Duck Tape Pencil Pouch

    1. Make a 8 1/2 in (length) by 9 in (width) sheet. 2. Do step one over to ma…

  • extreme womens wallet

    it has 12 pockets, an id, large coin pouch, and an expandable bill fold

  • Comic Wallet

    I got a roll of the comic duct tape, so I made a wallet out of it.

  • Flame pouch

    Firery little pouch that is super cute to throw pens and pencils in or put make up in and put in yo…

  • Duck Tape Wallet

    This a wallet using duck tape. It has four card pockets and a billfold. I like how it pops with the…

  • Women's Wallet

    A really spiffy way for the ladies to carry cash & cards with ease and PLENTY of space!

  • Duct Tape Mega-Wallet

    This Ducktivity is a wallet with a card slot, name pocket, money pocket, and a small notepad.

  • Zebra print wristlet

    Cute makeup wristlet , has a cancer ribbon and bling just to add abit of pazazz......

  • Notebook

    Duct taped notebook, looks so much cuter than a plain one!

  • Pencil pouch

    Duct tape pencil pouch using Minnie Mouse tape!

  • Handy Headphone Holder

    I needed something to hold my earbuds in so I made a pouch for them that opens and closes with a zip…

  • Zebra Card Holder

    I made the card holder Ducktivitie using the zebra print

  • Accordian woven wallet

    Make one yourself!(:

  • Chetta Kiss Lunchbox

    Make a statement with your own personalized lunchbox. Its cute lightweight and easy to store.

  • Duct tape flower ring

    For this ring I used the Totally Tie Dye duct tape. Each petal is 3/4 in. by 3/4 in.

  • Checkered bifold wallet

    This is a checkered bifold wallet with pastel blue and pink in the billfold (half and half). It has …

  • Pink Circle Wallet

    These are two of my favorites Duck Tapes and I just love them together

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