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Weather Projects

Insulation Kits

From windows to doors and even the most overlooked sources of drafts, keep your home or apartment sealed against the elements with these weatherization kits.
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Home Insulation

Winter Home Kit

Bundle includes:

  • (1 Kit) Duck Brand 10-Pack Shrink Film Window Insulation Kit
  • (1) Duck Max Strength Expanding Foam Seal
  • (1) Duck Brand Self-Adhesive Door Bottom 2-Pack
  • (1 Kit) Duck Brand Socket Sealers Insulating Seals
Apartment Insulation

Winter Apartment Kit

Bundle includes:

  • (1) Duck Brand Max Strength Silicone Weatherstripping Seal
  • (1 Kit) Duck Brand Shrink Film 5-Pack Window Insulation Kit
  • (1) Duck Brand All Weather Repair Tape
  • (1) Duck Brand Socket Sealers Insulating Seals