Facebook Air Vent Deflector | Clear, Adjustable 10" to 14" | Duck Brand
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Duck® Brand Air Deflector - Clear, Adjusts from 10 in. - 14 in.


Product Size

Adjustable length from 10 in. - 14 in.

Pack sizes

1 pk.



Product Description

Keep your home comfortable all year long and help save on energy costs with the Duck® Brand Air Deflector. Designed for central forced air heating and cooling vents, this air deflector pushes air back into the living space from vents blocked under furniture. To use, adjust the Duck® Air Deflector to fit the vent and position magnets to keep the unit in place. If wall mounted, turn the deflector downward during cooler months to keep warm air down and upwards during warmer months for improved cooling.


  • Adjustable length from 10 in. - 14 in.
  • Magnets hold deflector in place on vent
  • Durable, plastic construction prevents breakage
  • Curved design redirects air flow for comfort and helps make central forced air system more efficient