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Duck® Brand HVAC Duct Sealing Tape - Silver, 1.88 in. x 30 yd.


Product Size

1.88 in. x 30 yd.

Pack sizes

1 pk.



Product Description

Designed for the professional contractor and DIYer, Duck® Brand HVAC Duct tape® is a durable, heavy-duty tape that works on both rigid and flexible ductwork. With a durable construction combining the protective benefits of aluminum with the superior adhesive of Duck® Brand duct tape, this flex foil tape is ideal for sealing both cold and hot air ducts. This silver adhesive tape is approved for use on metal air ducts and for working with a broad range of temperatures for flexible and rigid ducting. Just apply Duck® HVAC Duct Tape in strips along open or overlapping seams between duct paneling, joints, vents, and more.


  • UL181A-P listed
  • Easy to tear
  • For use with a temperature range of -20 to 200 Degree (Fahrenheit)
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Rated for flame spread and smoke development