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Duck® Brand Max Strength Silicone Weatherstrip Seal - White, .31 in. x .25 in. x 17 ft.


Product Size

.31 in. x .25 in. x 17 ft.

Pack sizes

1 pk.



Product Description

Save up to 10%* on Home Energy Costs

Even small cracks and gaps around windows and doors can cause drafts that lead to high energy costs. Duck® Brand Max Strength™ Silicone Weatherstrip Seals are used to seal smaller gaps up to 1/4 in. around windows and doors that may let outdoor air inside. They can also help keep out unwanted dust, insects and pollen during the warmer months. Designed with silicone, these self-adhesive seals come with a lifetime guarantee and won't crack or split over time. Simply separate the dual strip into two pieces, cut to size and then apply to your window or door for added weather protection.


  • Strong and flexibile self-adhesive silicone seal with lifetime guarantee
  • Seals smaller gaps up to 1/4 in. around windows and doors
  • Separate dual strip into 2 lengths, then cut to size for your windows or doors
  • For best results, use on clean and dry surfaces
  • Tools needed: scissors
  • Easy to install

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*When you properly seal and insulate your home. Duck® brand weatherization products are a part of a complete home sealing and insulation solution. Energy savings is an estimate based on U.S. department of energy recommendations for improvements to a ‘typical’ U.S. existing house built between 1970 to 1989. Your actual savings may vary depending on individual factors, including how you seal and insulate your home, the size and age of your home, local energy costs, regional construction styles, and local climate.
Visit https://www.energystar.gov/campaign/seal_insulate/methodology for more information.