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Duck® Brand Replacement Vinyl Clad Door Seal - White, 4 strips (40.5 in.) 1 strip (36 in.)


Product Description

Save up to 10%* on Home Energy Costs

Doors are one of the most common sources of drafts in your home. White Duck® Brand Vinyl Clad Door Seals are designed to replace cracked or worn weatherstripping, forming an airtight barrier against the outdoor air. This prevents drafts from entering your home, ultimately saving you money all year long. Plus, during the warmer months, the moisture-tight seal blocks out dust, pollen and insects. Use together with other Duck® Brand weatherization products to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient all year long.


  • Vinyl-covered foam fills unwanted door gaps
  • Insert rigid side into door trim for an easy application
  • Fits most pre-hung doors
  • Includes four 40.5 in. strips and one 36 in. strip

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*When you properly seal and insulate your home. Duck® brand weatherization products are a part of a complete home sealing and insulation solution. Energy savings is an estimate based on U.S. department of energy recommendations for improvements to a ‘typical’ U.S. existing house built between 1970 to 1989. Your actual savings may vary depending on individual factors, including how you seal and insulate your home, the size and age of your home, local energy costs, regional construction styles, and local climate.
Visit https://www.energystar.gov/campaign/seal_insulate/methodology for more information.