Duck Tape fabric sheet

Step 1

Create a piece of Duck Tape® fabric to your desired size.

Heart traced on the sheet from the previous step

Step 2

Draw or trace a heart on the Duck Tape® fabric.

heart traced in the previous step cut out

Step 3

Cut out the heart using your scissors.

Steps1-3 repeated to create another heart piece

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 so you have 2 identical hearts.

the two heart shapes from the previous steps taped together almost all the way around

Step 5

Place the hearts on top of each other and use small pieces of Duck Tape® to attach them. Leave a 3 in. opening for stuffing the heart.

heart stuffed with filler material

Step 6

Stuff the heart with your filler material.

remaining un-taped area taped closed

Step 7

Finish closing up the heart with small pieces of Duck Tape®.

Step 8

Personalize and decorate the heart using a favorite Duck Tape® color or design!